Today ICStation Team introduce you the amazing calendar. You may say there is nothing special from the front of the picture.But this calendar can display apart from year, month, day, week, hour, minute, second and also the real temperature.And I still think the information is not enough, so I add the function to switch the display information.

At the beginning, only display the normal time and the temperature then change to display a line of English sentence about the temperature kind remind.For example, "little cold now" "It is hot" , etc. Besides, it also displays about the remind about time, such as "good morning""good afternoon".

I find that this can only display the English information. So I want to add some Chinese features like to display the information about the lunar calendar.When during the time of our Chinese important traditional festivals, it will display the festival information.And when the time of some unimportant festivals, it will change to display the words about best wishes,also including the smiling face formed by the character. So cool!

when the time of the integral clock,besides that the sound buzzer will alarm,on the right and left inside of the pen holder, the purple and yellow LED will flicker to remind the time coming.The light from the hole looks very soft and beautiful. In order to avoid influencing the sleep, the buzzer will sound between 7:00——24:00,and other time only uses the light to remind time.

Step 1: Display main information

The main information of display as the picture shows "2011/09/12 W→<6> 20:05;09 27.4°" The " W " is the abbreviation of week and W→<6> means Saturday.

Step 2: Display personal information

If only display this kind of information, maybe you will feel boring. So I use the principle of switch display to show more information. The above picture is the one: to display the name of the maker and QQ number in order to show the permission.

Step 3: Display temperature

It will show the real temperature and some remind words with English, such as hot,cold,and warm,freeze to dead~~~

Step 4: Display time remind words

To display the remind information of time,such as Good Morning。。。Good noon。。。Good afternoon and Good night!

Step 5: Display Chinese tranditional festival

And then will show some Chinese feature and display the Chinese traditional festival,such as the Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day and so on. It can only display with English.We can think it as a combination of Chinese and western feature.

Step 6: Interior structure

Use Prototype Paper PCB to surround into a rectangle shape and put the device inside.So we have a lot of space to put pens and the shape of pen holder also comes out.

Step 7: Exterior structure

The DS18B20 temperature chip should be welded on the outside of that " pen holder" and the device inside will heat more or less.

Step 8: Show the picture when LED flicker

Step 9: Video to show effect