As you might expect, the button only has one button.

Press the button and hold it.

The LED will turn red to indicate that the button has powered up and is searching for open hot spots.

After listing the available hot spots, the LED will begin to flash as the button attempts to connect with them, starting with the strongest one first.

When a connection has been established, the LED turns blue. The button will attempt to connect to the host server,, by default.

If a connection is established, and the expected response is received, the LED will turn green. At this point, you can let go of the button.

If you continue to hold the button down, the button will attempt to connect with the next strongest hotspot. This is not necessary, but may be interesting if the server program is keeping track of what hotspots are reachable from a given location.

If you know where the button is and there is only one password protected access point, you can program it in ahead of time.