Digital Dice Roller V2

A graphical update to my previous Dice Roller project using a Nokia 5110 LCD.

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This is version 2 of my digital dice roller. This time I'm using a Nokia 5110 LCD that was found pretty cheap online. I pretty much used the same randomization function as before and got rid of the 20 sided option.

I made some black and white pictures in GIMP for the sides of the die, then wrote a Python script to convert these into values I could put into my microcontroller code. The serial communication with the screen was bit-banged using code I found on the internet (the author's info can be found commented in the code).

The circuit was made to fit in a mint tin with a header to put the LCD at the right height for the front of the case. It looks pretty crappy; when I get my 3D Printer I might make a nicer case for it.

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