1.Use XL4005 as main control chip.
2.Free to adjust the value of output current,voltage.
3.With threshold to remind you.
4.Small size and especially suitable for narrow space such as automobile car.

Four protections:
1.Output the counter-attack filling and protection
2.Input reverse connect protection
3.Overtemperature protection
4.Short-circuit protection

Module Size:length: 64.5mm Width:28.1mm Height:20mm
way to install:Four 3mm screw
Input voltage:4.5~30V
Output voltage:0.8~30V
Working current:0.1~5A
Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Working frequency:350KHZ

Applicable Occasion:
1External power supply
2.Experiment teaching
3.Industrial power supply match
4.Household supply match

Step 1: Diagram

Step 2: Function Introduction

Step 3: Functional test

Step 4: The actual application case:Use this module to chare for lithium battery.

Tools and components:
Digital Multimeter
Volt Meter Ammeter
Copper Wire
Copper Cylinder
Pin Header
Screw Driver
Power Connector
Universal Board
Dupont Cable
Lithium battery,battery pack,battery holder

Step 5:

The specification of Lithium battery:3.7V 1060mAh

Module settings:
Input voltage:5.2V
Input Current:1A
Output voltage:4.2V
Output current:300mA

The material for reference:http://www.icstation.com/ebay/IC/All%20data%20modules/3255.zip