Gen. uC Dev. -Protoboard, 4" x 6"

This is a DIY protoboard (that plugs into a regular breadboard for rapid prototyping) for uC's like PIC's or Atmel up to 40 PIN DIP

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The prototyping board features both fused 5V and 3.3V power, a 4 digit 7 segment LED display, bicolor and monchromatic LEDs, tactile buttons, a quadrature encoder, onboard I2C EPROM and a micro SDram socket. Finally it offers a 40 pin header to connect ALL the DIP uC pins to a regular 6" breadboard for connecting external components like an LCD display or analog electronics. It works with any DIP uC AND you can even run several processors simultaneously AND also insert OTHER DIP chips like OP amps and Logic circuits along side the uC. It's limited by pin counts, so at a maximum you can simultaneously run perhaps 5, 8 pin DIP IC's in any combination, eg. PIC, Atmel, Opamp, Glue logic, FET driver etc. On average you might want a 20 pin UC and a couple opamps or a level shifter etc.

To keep assembly simple, mostly through hole parts are used.

There's an ICSP header as well that can be repurposed if required.

The design depends on jumper wires (from CAT 5 cables - #24AWG) as the means to reconfigure any schematic to suit the processor or components required.

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    Step 1

    Download the EAGLECAD files and build the board!...

    I'll do a BOM soon, but the EAGLECAD contains the parts required.

    Some parts are non essential if you don't want to put them in yet like the display or EPROm and SDcard etc. But you MUST do the Power supply and sockets and headers!

    Note the numbered 40 pin double sided headers at the lower edge of the board provides for direct plug in to a 6" breadboard and the top header provides test points for clipping a logic analyzer , scope or multimeter for testing your I/O etc.

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