Ian Hanschen

FPGA and organic semiconductor physics crackpot.

Seattle, Washington
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Things I've Built

Dual Drive Bay Status Display

Basically, a display built into a drive bay, run using displaylink over USB. Forked the linux kmscon to create a console subsystem that just drove this display, ran a modified 'htop' on it.

FPGA-based 2D graphics accelerator (V1)

Capable of transparent/alpha/colorkey BLT, gradients, and bresenham lines.

Door status display

Showed an animated 'busy' icon based on my status, outside my office door at work. Featured on HaD, 03/19/2009.

XMOS-driven Conways Life display (with some effects)

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esot.eric wrote 11/11/2018 at 09:50 point

Hey Ian! Thanks for the like and follow!

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