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    Step 1

    Install Wine

    To install wine on Linux:

    • Follow the instructions found here

    To Install wine on Mac:

    • First install Homebrew (run this in Terminal):

    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
    • Then run this command to finish the setup:
    brew doctor

    • Once Homebrew is installed now wine can be installed:

    brew install wine
    **Note: If any errors occur, feel free to post comments and also look at this webpage for more help.
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    Step 2

    Download and Install vSphere Client

    • Go to the ip address of the ESXi host. (EX:

    **Note: Ignore any security warnings that your browser might bring up.

    • Download the vSphere client by clicking on the link. A .EXE file should start downloading.

    • Run the installer (replace the directory path with the path to your .exe file):

    wine ~/Downloads/VMware-client-all-*.exe
    • Follow all the instructions in the installer.

    • If you get a error because the .NET framework needs to be installed I will post about how to fix that later.

    • MOST of the time, a error will appear saying the the hcmon driver failed to install. DO NOT CLICK CANCEL.

    • Navigate to the /.wine directory, and temporarily move it to your desktop. (Finder - Go - Go to folder - ~/.wine)

    • Now you can click cancel, the installer will say it failed to install, this is fine, close the installer.

    • Now you can move your .wine folder back to its original place (/Users/[name]/.wine)

    • The vSphere client should now be installed.

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    Step 3

    Run Client and Connect to Host

    • In Terminal navigate to the folder where the client exe is located (not the installer):

    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"/VMware/Infrastructure/"Virtual Infrastructure Client"/Launcher/
    • Then run the Client with this command:
    wine VpxClient.exe
    • If a screen opens up asking for a username and password then everything is working.

    • In the Host Box, type the Host's IP address (the one that we used to download the installer).

    • Then put in your username and password (default username is "root").

    • If you are brought to a screen that asks about credentials and certificates, click Ignore.

    • If all works, then the client should connect!