Murum Lux

Murum Lux ("Wall of Light") is a 64x96 pixel LED array driven by a ChipKIT WiFire board and an MGC3130 e-field sensor.

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This is a giant RGB LED matrix that will be my introductory project for learning the ChipKIT platform.

This project will be using the GestIC-enabled MGC3130 e-field sensor (also from Microchip).

This is a contract job for Microchip's ChipKIT team. It will be appearing at the Microchip booth (#2510) at the bay area Maker Faire this month.

  • 1 × Sabrewing MGC3130 Development Kit
  • 1 × ChipKIT WiFire Development Kit
  • 6 × AdaFruit 32x32 6mm pitch LED arrays
  • 1 × 200w PSU @5v
  • 2 × IPLogika iPACK401 Ethernet modules

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J. Ian Lindsay wrote 08/21/2015 at 05:49 point

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the ChipKIT booth at the Masters Conference this evening. It was refreshing to talk to so many sharp people. Keep building, everyone. :-)

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J. Ian Lindsay wrote 08/21/2015 at 05:58 point

And also: Good luck to the Microchip crew as they take Murum Lux to the New York Maker Faire next month.

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