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Morning.StarMorning.Star 02/15/2018 at 07:431 Comment

Nothing should go to waste, and I dont obsess over little things like wasting my time. Its annoying, but it isnt the end of the world.

Wasting my time on stupid, obstinate excuses for authority will be if they dont pay attention.

Anyway, during my research I discovered bras have been around for thousands of years, its just the culture around them thats changed. Hellenic Greece favoured a girdle securing a tunic, the Egyptians a cord crossed over the breasts in a similar manner, and the Mayans dispensed with cloth altogether and worshipped them, like they are supposed be IMO. If you cant have equality, celebrate your differences...

The theme of the girdle uplifting and separating was easy to incorporate into the design for something which I've toned down a bit. There's a line between sexy and smart I cant cross with her so its deliberately conservative. I decided on a dress, she doesnt have any because she's not really into bare legs so its styled to include leggings without looking scruffy. I'll buy those, and add a bit of lace to the bottoms of the legs.

Instead of a plain hem, which looked top-heavy, I decided to add a valance. I've taken it up into a point with angles midway between the hem and the cross which balances it out and gives it a natural look reminiscent of a flower, which suits the colour.

There's enough base fabric for the dress, and plenty of lace to make the shawl and valance. The shawl will be stitched onto the dress at the edges so it gathers at the sides and stays flat on the shoulders and across the back. That has a point similar to the valance on it so it matches up nicely.

It will be washable, and not just dry-clean only. That's a consideration for Bea, she makes everything grubby pretty quickly bless her, misses with food and spills drinks, so the last dress she had was a party dress bought her as a kid by relatives. One-time only, she killed that lol.

Lets hope she likes this one. :-)


Dr. Cockroach wrote 02/15/2018 at 09:00 point

Here's hoping. Will keep my fingers crossed :-)

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