Your grandma always leaves that TV shouting aloud while there is no noise around... Time to retrofit with AVC! (Automated Volume Controller)

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This is again an idea for 2015HackadayPrize which I happily lend to anyone willing!

Your grandma or grandpa surely always leaves that TV volume maxed out while there is no noise around...

They may have difficulties hearing the TV while there is some background noise, and will raise the volume upper and upper again to the maximum value, further reducing their ability to hear correctly...

The AVC (Automated Volume Controller), will integrate ambient noise level subtracted of the TV sound signal so that it is able to set the TV volume just above ambient noise so that no further damage is done to the ears of those beloved old lads.

The TV control is done from a basic universal remote which can be programmed easily to control any TV set, and simple analog integration fed to an ADC enables us to compare the two signals and define a correct volume value.

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DeepSOIC wrote 08/24/2015 at 09:26 point

Cool idea, btw =)

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