106.4k 1.3k 99 675
A printable robot arm, a little bigger than the usual hobby servo once.
Project Owner Contributor

3D Printable Robot Arm

Andreas Hoelldorfer

51.4k 467 22 388
Remaking the PDP-8/I using the Pi, simh & a replica front panel
Project Owner Contributor



75.7k 772 111 332
Designing an open source, modular bench power supply to rule them all.
Project Owner Contributor

Bench Power Supply

The Big One

68.7k 1.2k 9 290
FarmBot is an open-source CNC farming machine and software package built for small scale, hyper local, DIY food production.
151.5k 879 293 270
Developing a small fuelless microwave thruster
Project Owner Contributor


Paul Kocyla

65.5k 592 75 241
A "dataless" Wi-Fi positioning system that can be used anywhere GPS can't.
Project Owner Contributor

SubPos Positioning System


23.3k 602 36 225
Open source system to drive powerchairs by eye movement alone - allowing independent mobility when use of a person's hands isn't an option.
Project Owner Contributor

Eye Controlled Wheelchair!

Patrick Joyce

89.3k 529 97 221
An Arduino based Solar MPPT charge controller.
48.2k 1.7k 26 209
Cheap, Small, Open Source Servo Controlled Robot Arm
Project Owner Contributor

MeArm - Your Robot


29.3k 374 33 193
A tiny processor board the size of a 16 pin DIP with Bluetooth Low Energy
Project Owner Contributor

OSHChip V1.0


46.6k 1.6k 5 189
A full stack project dedicated to easily collecting, analyzing and sharing IoT sensor data.
34.1k 408 34 183
DIY System on Chip based on FPGA, priced below 5 USD
Project Owner Contributor



68.3k 1.5k 33 179
Complete anti-theft alarm compatible with any kind of sensors, with RFID recognition, GSM and web server, based on Arduino Mega.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino anti-theft alarm shield


20.3k 644 14 176
Using artificial intelligence to identify a disease by its symptoms
Project Owner Contributor

Medical tricorder

M. Bindhammer

30.9k 583 32 175
A handheld, battery powered, sensor array unit for environmental monitoring focused mostly on air quality using a global infrastructure.
Project Owner Contributor

Portable environmental monitor

Radu Motisan

46.5k 282 33 151
Monitoring soil moisture at different depths to determine when to irrigate, and - more importantly - how much water is needed. Save 25%!
66.1k 485 35 150
Make the invisible visible for about $500.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Ground Penetrating Radar

Glenn Powers

27.6k 325 25 141
ProtoVoltaics Pick and Place Machine Project
Project Owner Contributor

Pick and Place Machine


13.9k 1.1k 10 135
OSHW+OSS to enable the next generation of powered prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons. Let’s make humans faster/better/stronger!
20.8k 874 35 134
Build your own nervous system!
Project Owner Contributor



34.3k 270 88 129
Make Weloop Tommy an open source sport watch that can connect directly to all kind of sensors (heart rate monitor and so on)
Project Owner Contributor

Open source sport/smart watch


21.2k 218 36 128
A rugged low-cost solar electric utility vehicle platform for the developing world
Project Owner Contributor

Light Electric Utility Vehicle

Chris Low

11.6k 177 38 125
A snap-on regulated 3.3 V/5 V power supply for a 9V battery.
Project Owner Contributor


Mahesh Venkitachalam

46.9k 1.3k 14 122
Building an open source robot arm for makers and small businesses
Project Owner Contributor

5 Axis Robot Arm

Dan Royer

65.1k 807 31 122
DIY Smartphone using Raspberry Pi A+, Camera, TFT, and Adafruit FONA with custom mobile OS.
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Smartphone

Tyler Spadgenske

27.6k 1k 18 111
An open source hydroponic garden control, monitoring, and grow system with cloud database and dashboard.
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

21.7k 784 23 111
This is a micro-quadcopter I'm building from scratch using an Arduino Pro Mini, MPU6050, Nrf24L01+ modules and coreless motors.
Project Owner Contributor

Quadcopter from scratch


37.5k 539 40 109
Arduino compatible indoor navigation system with small form factor.
Project Owner Contributor

LPS Mini

Göran Nordahl

18.9k 1.3k 11 109
Affordable, light-weight, anthropomorphic prosthetic hands, using a novel selectively-lockable differential mechanism.
16.4k 164 32 108
Affordable spider robot
Project Owner Contributor


Radomir Dopieralski

21.5k 207 9 102
an attempt to develop a low-field coded-field compressed sensing magnetic resonance imager
Project Owner Contributor

low-field MRI

peter jansen

25.6k 141 20 101
A USB Serial device to log temperature made out of a PIC16F1455 and a USB connector
20.9k 256 29 100
A C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer and breakout board with Arduino compatible pinout.
Project Owner Contributor

C12666MA Micro-Spectrometer

Pure Engineering

13.9k 517 27 99
Uses different wavelengths of light to shine through the skin in order to determine the amount of glucose present in the user's blood.
15.8k 749 9 98
Minimalist desk clock based around Russian Nixie tubes.
Project Owner Contributor

Obsolete Time


10.8k 427 16 93
Turns your BeagleBone Black/Green into a 14-channel 100Msps Logic Analyzer
Project Owner Contributor


Kumar, Abhishek

12.5k 104 32 90
A wheelchair attachment that allows any wheelchair to be powered in a rowing motion. It is 3D printable, open source, and available to all.
Project Owner Contributor

Hand Drive

Kate Reed

64.3k 174 26 88
Controlling a VW CAN BUS dashboard of a Polo 6R with an Arduino and a CAN BUS shield using the Telemetry API of Euro Truck Simulator 2
Project Owner Contributor

Volkswagen CAN BUS Gaming

Leon Bataille

7.2k 413 7 86
Acquire EEG, ECG, EMG (medical instrument) signals while rejecting AC coupled noise
Project Owner Contributor

Biopotential Signal Library

Paul Stoffregen

8.4k 87 15 84
Tiny Wireless IMUs - 100% open & autonomous 9DoF motion sensor using BLE to control anything from your [objects] motion !
Project Owner Contributor



16.3k 667 11 83
Internet Connected Aerial Renewable Unmanned System Fully 3D printed
16.7k 145 8 82
After the apocalypse we have to build computers from stuff we can make at home, I.E Transistors, diodes and resistors.
Project Owner Contributor

AYTABTU - Discrete Computer


34.9k 197 24 82
Converting a car to electric drive using recycled and salvaged EV and hybrid components.
17.8k 164 21 80
An open source low-resolution desktop CT scanner
Project Owner Contributor


peter jansen

8.1k 1.6k 17 78
Make cooler robots, faster and with less effort.
15.7k 128 36 78
DIPFORTy1 "Soft-Propeller" Zynq-7, Dual CortexA9+ FPGA DIP40 Parallax Propeller I compatibles footprint
Project Owner Contributor

Soft Propeller


26k 528 31 78
The HYDRA is a computing platform using a small footprint Hypervisor to run 1-6 (or more) hardware assisted virtual machines of any x86 OS
Project Owner Contributor

The HYDRA multiheaded virtual computer


12.5k 142 20 77
Open Source Arduino controlled counter-top garden for growing vegetables, herbs, or greens for sustainable foods right in your own home.
Project Owner Contributor

Urban Kitchen Garden

Eric Wiiliam

18.2k 155 28 76
My own design 6502 based computer with full graphics, sound and storage capabilities for a dose of 80s nostalgia!
Project Owner Contributor

6502 Homebrew Computer


15.4k 182 0 75
A multi purpose lab tool accessible by simple Python functions, and capable of studying a wide range of physical phenomena.
17.2k 1.5k 23 74
Non-intrusive feedback loop for electrical systems.
Project Owner Contributor

Power Monitor


8.7k 342 15 73
Gas sensor "grenade" that may save lives instead of taking them. The sensor can be thrown into dangerous areas to remotely report levels
9.8k 163 21 73
Chocometer is an open source near infrared sensor aiming glucose measurements without pain.
Project Owner Contributor



17.7k 614 20 73
The idea behind this project is to provide an open-source stand-alone Kinect and Raspberry Pi2 based 3D Scanner.
19.4k 922 53 72
Send your own hardware to space
Project Owner Contributor

Square Inch To Space

Paul Kocyla

29.1k 562 17 72
A power-sipping all-purpose laptop
Project Owner Contributor

E-ink Raspberry Pi display

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

15.3k 141 19 71
This is a collection of switch mode power supply modules designs that are efficient drop-in replacement for the old 78XX series.
Project Owner Contributor

SMPS replacement for 7805

K.C. Lee

11.9k 139 13 71
LiFePO4 battery technology, made easy for makers
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

38k 145 34 70
See if ultrasonic cavitation can be used to fixate atmospheric Nitrogen less expensively than the Haber process.
Project Owner Contributor

Improve the Haber process

Peter Walsh

16.2k 770 7 68
Professional quality, 24 bit, 192kHz audio breakout board for Teensy 3.x, Raspberry Pi, and more.
27.1k 617 16 68
A inexpensive modular tank track system that can be used for robotic and radio controlled vehicles.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Continuous Track System


26.1k 1.5k 7 68
A polarimetric imager to locate landmines, detect invisible pollutants, identify cancerous tissues, and maybe even observe cloaked UFOs!
8k 499 8 66
Learn how to use PID loops for fun: SAB3T - Servo Actuated Ball Bearing Balancing Touchscreen.
Project Owner Contributor

SAB3T - PID Loop Educational Tool


11.4k 292 14 65
This is the result of 3,500 man-hours of labor and love, but we need your help to push it forward, HAD community
14.8k 109 19 63
Creating a generic underwater data logging platform that is easy to build & modify for many different environmental monitoring projects.
Project Owner Contributor

The Cave Pearl Project

Edward Mallon

15.2k 734 21 62
Hidden sensors in every light switch
10.3k 475 24 60
wearable UV Index & weather sensor
Project Owner Contributor



22.9k 632 5 59
Smart grow room. Fully automatic, Watering, lighting, temperature control. Self adjusting light height and remote control
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Grow Room


10.7k 110 6 59
Based on the stm32f4 cortex-m4 mcu, 1.44" TFT LCD , HC-05 and Android App.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Smart Watch


6.5k 132 24 58
Build a $1 per Watt parallelizable MPPT controller, without cutting corners.
Project Owner Contributor

$1/W True MPPT

Jonathan Bruneau

10.4k 220 4 58
FabScan PI is a Stand-Alone Web-Enabled Raspberry Pi based Open-Source 3D Laser Scanner
Project Owner Contributor

FabScan Pi - 3D Laser Scanner

Mario Lukas

19.6k 117 25 58
PCB for fast development with ESP-07 / ESP-12 with on board USB to Serial converter and on board lipo charge / protection circuit
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 (ESP-07/12) Dev Board


17.4k 127 3 57
I've managed to reverse-engineer and reuse several high-tech parts from electric cars - my latest addition is the Tesla Model S drivetrain
Project Owner Contributor

Hacking powerful EV drivetrains

Michal Elias

18.1k 127 9 57
A circuit you can place inline with your existing low voltage lights to allow for wireless control
Project Owner Contributor

ESPLux - Smarts for your downlights


7.7k 874 22 57
A BT/NFC bone-conduction audio device that transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. Music for the deaf & disabled.
5.2k 289 4 56
A wireless analog/digital multitool & data recorder
Project Owner Contributor


Pierce Nichols

5.2k 600 2 56
We are using 3D scanning, 3D modelling, and 3D printing to create high functioning but LOW-COST bionic prosthetic hands for amputees.
18.6k 158 25 56
A simple and cheap online Camera Robot Based on The MagPi magazine issue no.9. No hectic port forwarding configuration required.
9.5k 106 19 56
Xilinx Zynq SoC, Arduino Compatible, 2x ARM Cortex A9, LPDDR2 Memory, USB OTG, on-board USB JTAG and UART.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Compatible Zynq Shield


15.3k 543 6 55
The smallest open source GSM+GPS+CAN board ever
Project Owner Contributor


Mastro Gippo

7.8k 553 10 55
CANcrusher is an Open Source CANbus development system for hackers and developers interested in a low-cost alternative to the $$$$ systems.
8.4k 408 19 54
Project EDEN is an open initiative to grow crops quickly, under near-optimal conditions with automated aeroponics habitats.
Project Owner Contributor

Project EDEN


10.5k 902 15 53
Next level citizen science project: an open & global network of low-cost meteor cameras. Goal: explore the Solar System from your home!
Project Owner Contributor

Asteria Network

Dario Zubovic

14k 624 3 53
A cost effective, multi-pronged data acquisition tool to turn your computer into a workbench for science and electronics experiments.
Project Owner Contributor

A Versatile Labtool


9.7k 574 13 52
Cheap, fully automated model train system with 99.9999% 3D printed parts.
20.4k 635 13 52
Really easy IoT hardware. And cheap too.
Project Owner Contributor

nRFIoT - Easy IoT Sensors


14.2k 369 8 52
A computed tomography scanner for your desktop
Project Owner Contributor

100$ Xray desktop CT scanner

Paul Kocyla

15.3k 102 27 52
640x480 (and 848x480!) Color VGA Video Card for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers
14.2k 1.1k 0 50
Open hardware smartphone
Project Owner Contributor



23.8k 144 17 50
A DIY GPS disciplined 10 MHz reference clock
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Disciplined xCXO

Nick Sayer

26.1k 1.4k 10 49
Jubito is a home automation hub based on the open source jaNET framework. Can link and interface different objects regardless technology.
5.7k 501 14 48
A shit-ton of things that are useful for a shit-ton of projects. (and, Think 'apt-get' for reusable project-code)
8.5k 119 8 48
The simple DIY retro game controller with PIC MCU which generates VGA signal, music and sound effects
Project Owner Contributor

Single chip game console

Voja Antonic

6.4k 179 9 48
Wearable Navigation Assistance for the Blind
Project Owner Contributor

Pathfinder - Haptic Navigation

Neil Movva

13.7k 2.4k 4 47
This is an IoT based wireless Home Automation and Security System
10.7k 778 9 47
Meet Andy, a multi-purpose voice controlled humanoid robot built with a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of Servos, brackets, and other great stuff.
10.3k 346 12 47
Instantly share mouse and keyboard across computers on any platform.
6.4k 67 22 47
Synthesis of acetyl-salicylic acid, using a lab-on-a-chip system or a chem printer
Project Owner Contributor

Aspirin for everyone

M. Bindhammer

7k 122 8 47
An easy to build embroidery machine, with open source design and software.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Embroidery Machine


9.9k 80 11 47
Measure tire or ball pressure with your smartphone
26.1k 760 0 46
a new 3d printed Game-console for Retro Gaming
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi: 'Nin10do'

Daniël Spies

5.8k 903 9 46
Development of a robust low cost 3D printed hand prosthesis using off-the-shelf components.
9.4k 232 10 45
Custom electromechanical motor that can be printed using any 3D printer, some coil, maybe magnets and a controller.
Project Owner Contributor

3D Printed Parametric Motor


16k 99 7 44
This is a low cost portable Ultrasonic range finder and sonar device to help a visually impaired person navigate indoors.
Project Owner Contributor

Sonar for the visually impaired

K.C. Lee

8.3k 830 11 44
Firefly is a low-cost, modular flying robot for first responders that uses intelligent, nature-inspired algorithms to navigate autonomously.
8.6k 905 6 44
A low cost, full featured open source, industrial camera
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Industrial Smart Camera


4.7k 184 30 43
IoT enabled, servo drive with Ethernet. Platform independent, +/- 0.2° accuracy, 0.2 Nm @ 1000 RPM
4.1k 82 10 43
a tool for electronics engineers/students to use - planned to include basic Voltmeter, Ammeter, Component Tester, Serial Terminal etc
Project Owner Contributor

Engineers Multi Tool


10k 55 9 42
Switchable 5V and 3.3V power from a AA, using an efficient boost regulator
10.3k 107 12 42
It is a computer mouse free of batteries and free of cables. No need of USB connection and no special mousepad as well!.
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless Batteryless Mouse

Clovis Fritzen

9.3k 81 5 41
Every Day Carry bit flipper
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Bit Dingus


2.7k 52 0 41
The USB Tester makes it easy to monitor the current and voltage of any USB device (and non USB).
Project Owner Contributor

USB Tester


8.5k 159 6 41
A cheap, easy to use mapping drone for hobbyists, farmers, miners, and students.
Project Owner Contributor

Iridium Eye: A 3d Mapping Drone


9.4k 551 17 40
XORYA game console is just one chip PIC32MX170F256B (32-bit MIPS core, 256K flash, 64K data mem) in DIP28 package and a few other components
4.1k 38 0 40
Sitting for long periods has become more common in today’s life causing serious health issues. Sit.Up!
Project Owner Contributor



13.8k 1.5k 5 39
Creating home automation sensors and controllers that can be used around the house forming a mesh network for communication
10.9k 73 21 39
A cheap, portable solar tracker to allow off-grid power usage globally.
Project Owner Contributor

Portable 2-Axis Solar Tracker

Jay Doscher

21.2k 125 12 39
8 channels of 10A 250V relays controlled over Wifi with an ESP8266 module at the core. Built in RS232-TTL level shifter for external devices
7.7k 250 2 38
Fast Charging. Charge your portable devices. Use it as a UPS for your BeagleBone/Pi/Home WiFi Network. Or an emergency laptop power source.
7.3k 50 9 38
Inexpensive Open Source BLE smartwach compatible with Arduino tooling
Project Owner Contributor


Mar Bartolome

33.6k 1.1k 18 37
This is IVPort, the first Raspberry Pi Camera Module Multiplexer designed to connect more than one camera to Raspberry Pi.
10.6k 86 8 37
Converting an 05 Ninja 250R to electirc
Project Owner Contributor

Electric Ninja


9.1k 836 11 37
Ending big tobacco through the disruptive power of 3D printing and opensource hardware. Saving peoples lives and money.
Project Owner Contributor

The End of an Evil Industry


4.9k 584 2 37
A completely open hardware and open source software cell phone
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Cell Phone


8.2k 1.1k 5 36
Small USB unit which simulates keyboard and generates, keeps and types up to eight passwords
Project Owner Contributor

Hardware password manager

Voja Antonic

3.5k 547 8 36
Detect HIV, Ebola, Tuberculosis and other diseases, cheaply and reliably.
Project Owner Contributor

DNA-LAMP Diagnostic Device


10.1k 86 31 36
Harvesting clean drinking water from sunshine.
4.8k 1.3k 2 35
An Enigma Machine Simulator was created with an Arduino UNO and a Touchscreen LCD. Simulates Enigma I, M3, M4, the Plugboard and Uhr Switch.
8.2k 141 10 35
Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs
Project Owner Contributor

Flex Modules

Chris Hamilton

10.7k 445 10 35
An affordable RFID, motion-sensing, anti-theft alarm and GPS tracker for bicycles, e-bikes and other small vehicles. Based on Arduino
Project Owner Contributor

Nano Bike Alarm

Alpha Charlie

8.4k 68 14 34
An Arduino Zero compatible open source smartwatch
Project Owner Contributor


Ramon Schepers

7.1k 89 49 34
Making Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology More Accessible And Recycling In The Process
4.4k 330 12 34
It’s Like Mobile Payments, But For Receipts
Project Owner Contributor



3.7k 112 7 34
Get your essential appliances off the grid with just one solar panel
Project Owner Contributor

One Fridge off the Grid

Markus Loeffler

3.6k 41 6 33
Nonpariel Physical (NP) is a standalone calculator microcode emulator. NP-25 executes microcodes for HP-21, HP-25C and HP-33C.
Project Owner Contributor

NP25 Calculator

Chris Chung

5.2k 54 22 33
Scrolling LED display on your wrist
Project Owner Contributor

ScrolLED watch

Vikas V

4.6k 1.7k 1 32
open source circular knitting machine replicable with digital fabrication and makers' tools.
Project Owner Contributor

Circular Knitic

varvara guljajeva

3k 92 0 32
Open Source, Modular, Flexible Manufacturing System "We are to Manufacturing, What the PC was to Mainframes"
Project Owner Contributor



10.8k 108 5 32
This is an efficient dual channel battery charger/analyzer for maintaining rechargeable batteries with programmable parameters and logging.
2.6k 276 24 32
Timstock Slim is a simple tool that helps autistic children to tell them when a task is finished or when it's time for something to happen!
6.2k 88 1 32
Growing food where it's needed, ready to be sold.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Vertical Farming


10.8k 224 17 31
Solving a key farming problem: is it safe to harvest / spray / sow today? (+experiments with 'big' data in agriculture)
Project Owner Contributor



5.7k 79 15 31
How is it 2015 and USB to Serial is still a thing?
Project Owner Contributor



10.7k 76 5 31
An Opensource Smart Plug
Project Owner Contributor

SmartEE the Smart Plug


10.9k 321 3 31
A replacement controller for Lavet stepper clock movements
Project Owner Contributor

Crazy Clock

Nick Sayer

2k 589 8 31
Unfolding CubeSat rover. Mission: construction on Mars & re-construction after natural disasters on Earth. Tele-op Headband control.
6.2k 618 8 30
A 3D printed, cast-aluminum, anatomy-based, Arduino controlled bionic arm that surpasses the human arm in functionality and feel.
Project Owner Contributor


Amadon Faul

4.2k 31 5 30
just another cortex kit - Cortex M0 development kit with an Atmel SAM D21, a USB device port, an LDO, some passives and breakout headers
Project Owner Contributor


Michele Perla

5.1k 217 5 30
Malti is a low cost open source handheld Linux platform that makes experimenting with and learning about electronics easier
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy Van

6k 144 15 30
Wireless weather station, powered by the sun and wind it intends to measure, below $50.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost Weather Station

Ulf Winberg

8.1k 387 2 30
Using a cluster of five raspberry pis, a Flir Lepton and three Raspberry pi NOIR cameras with appropriate filters, an imager was born.
9.2k 452 10 29
A Breakout board for Atmel's SAMD20/D21 Series Microcontroller
Project Owner Contributor

SAM D20/D21 Breakout Board


4.6k 49 13 29
2D GPU: HD resolution @ 60Hz, HDMI, double buff, hardware acceleration, USB config upgrade, ... For ARDUINO & other µC
Project Owner Contributor



2.6k 279 11 29
Millions of young athletes get concussions each year and 50% go undiagnosed, leading to brain injury. Impact detects these events early.
Project Owner Contributor


Hunter Scott

5.8k 858 12 29
DIPSY-EPT Emulator and Programme Tool - Open Source Hardware for Open Source FPGA Toolchain
9.7k 1.1k 3 29
... with video pass-through ...
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Augmented Reality Device

Arcadia Labs

6.9k 1.4k 1 29
Compares your internet communications to a stream of private local data to discover what data is being stolen and where it's being sent.
5.7k 52 1 29
Designed to replace the kerosene lamps with solar-powered ones
Project Owner Contributor


Debasish Dutta

2.1k 383 3 28
Automatic Cable Modem Rebooter
Project Owner Contributor


Eduardo Zola

2k 31 23 28
A hack based on "HTML Injection". Useful when you want an online editing feature that is not available otherwise. Might work on any Website.
Project Owner Contributor

Hack the Hack A Day Editor


6.2k 591 8 28
Open Source Platform for the Internet of Things. Focused on providing an awesome developer experience.
5.2k 541 4 28
An escape from the tyranny of low-quality soundcards
Project Owner Contributor



3.7k 559 0 28
Interacting with objects just looking at them has always been a dream for humans.
6.2k 617 7 28
FPGA emulating MicroSD runs Google ProjectVault HDL code.
Project Owner Contributor

Secure microSD Vault


2.7k 411 18 28
small seven segment display for plugging on an ISP programming header of an Atmel Board or an Arduino
Project Owner Contributor



4.6k 183 14 27
Solar powered Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker with beeper and LED to assist in locating it.
Project Owner Contributor

Sol BLE Tracker


7.8k 71 4 27
3d printer ultra cheap controller board
5.5k 327 4 26
An Arduino IoT Farming Experiment
Project Owner Contributor

The Smart Garden

Frank Vigilante

2.4k 32 0 26
Bicycle-powered road quality measuring and mapping
Project Owner Contributor

Dekoboko 凸凹

Daniel Rojas

5.8k 261 9 26
A coffee machine sized box that automatically organizes your medications and connects your medicine use directly to your doctor/pharmacy.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Desktop Medicine Organizer


9.8k 165 12 26
A household air purification unit for kitchens, labs, & smokers used to scrub fine particulates and VOC's out of the air.
8.7k 466 12 26
Low power, wireless device that informs user of regular mail.
Project Owner Contributor

Snail Mail Notifier


1.4k 540 0 26
The state of the art standalone SDR transceiver badge
Project Owner Contributor



4k 671 1 26
Use your expensive high impedance studio quality headphones with a portable media player to get the best possible sound without extra wires!
14.7k 1.2k 10 25
Arduino connects to the TX line (of a router, RPI) and display serial data on smartphone over WiFi
5.2k 89 6 24
Create Drone Apps
Project Owner Contributor


Tihomir Nedev

4.4k 60 24 24
Zero Cost Dumpster Diving Solar Project
Project Owner Contributor

Poor Man's “Laser” Cutter


12.7k 64 11 24
A 200w Wood & Pellet fired Thermoelectric Generator for the InStove 60L Rocket Stove; "Help People, Be Sustainable, Electrify the World."
Project Owner Contributor

The FireVolt Project

Rob P

3.3k 42 2 24
Smart Juggling Balls for Juggling and Education
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Juggling Balls


1.2k 50 5 24
Using the sensors around/on us, provide feedback when 'dark mood is a-coming'. Nipping lows in the bud.
Project Owner Contributor


Dr Andy Woods

15.4k 97 25 24
Once I was excited to see Intel's announce that they will release "SD card sized computer" but it was not true. This time I made it true!
2.9k 1.4k 2 24
Home Automation Applied To Medical Cannabis Cultivation
Project Owner Contributor

The Humble Roots Project

Fabien Royer

6.4k 630 5 24
Open source multispectral array camera for vegetation analysis for UAV.
Project Owner Contributor



9.1k 55 8 23
This is a game console sized Hydra with a single GPU, running SteamOS, Win7 & Android x86 KitKat. Gameplay & mgmt via modular controller
3.3k 782 5 23
An opensource Web platform and cheap sensor hardware solution for the massification of Continuous-flow solution culture (hydroponics)
Project Owner Contributor

IoT to Feed the Next Billion


3.1k 61 5 23
DIY, 32bits mini video game console
Project Owner Contributor

Bitbox console


4.9k 228 13 23
Develop an extra sense for a better orientation.
Project Owner Contributor


Sebastian Foerster

3.5k 39 3 23
Develop robust and affordable advanced sensing capability for 20,000 weather stations in Africa (lightning, precip water, ...)
Project Owner Contributor


Nick van de Giesen

5.7k 206 1 23
Robot that finds and collects bottles to recycle them.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous bottle recycling robot


2.9k 176 1 22
A small-scale model of the electrical grid providing a fun testing environment as an educational tool for engineers in power and energy.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Grid Test Facility

Tim Leung

3.6k 407 0 22
Neucuff is a simple, powerful, safe exoskeleton for giving Cerebral Palsy patients control over their arms.
8.1k 735 6 22
Home automation hub disguised as a thermostat
4.4k 317 1 22
Turning the BeagleBone Black into a retro gaming appliance
Project Owner Contributor

Beagle Entertainment System

Andrew Henderson

4.7k 406 6 22
The "Cheepit" project deals with the development of web based services for programming AVR microcontrollers with smartpones or tablets.
4.2k 26 4 22
A system of interchangeable parts for thermal management in PCB assemblies.
3.7k 1k 6 22
using technology to feed others
Project Owner Contributor

smart aquaponics - v2

kijani grows

3.6k 450 0 22
A USB peripheral to add microcontroller capability to Java and beyond!
8.1k 46 16 22
Cooling the core body temperature of people diagnosed with MS.
4.7k 411 5 22
The MobileNode is an open source GSM/GPRS and GPS/GLONASS 7cm circular board with a fully Arduino compatible MCU.
Project Owner Contributor


Camilo Rojas

8.2k 69 8 22
Saving the planet from global warming requires monitoring the weather, so having a weather station is the least we all can do to help
Project Owner Contributor

FacilTempo - weather station

Clovis Fritzen

3.4k 50 3 22
Getting ready for the premiere of the last Star Wars movie, I and my son are building a 3D printed BB-8 droid
Project Owner Contributor

Our own BB-8 droid


6.2k 63 15 21
A low cost Raspberry Pi powered all in one Braille computer with a full page display.
Project Owner Contributor

Braille Computer

haydn jones

2.3k 498 4 21
Arduino based rocket telemetry unit with 2.4Ghz downlink and eeprom storage
Project Owner Contributor



3.4k 61 2 21
Circuit Bending an old Roland Drum Machine using an Arduino Mega some cross-point arrays some schmitt triggers and a touch-screen
Project Owner Contributor

The Rythm Composter

Alpha Charlie

3k 710 6 21
Environment friendly chemical rocket propellant, useable in liquid or solid state
4.7k 41 2 21
A radically modular, multi-functional machine for construction and agriculture.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Bulldozer


4.1k 66 6 21
Just in Time Logic
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Johnson

4.5k 71 3 20
RAZBOT is a 3D printable Rasberry Pi Rover running the Robot Operating System
Project Owner Contributor



4.4k 66 8 20
Automated supply of water to plants using Arduino Uno, Soil moisture sensor and Flow sensor
2.4k 416 8 20
3d print your own synthesizer controller! Multiple sections fit together so you can expand it as much as you need!
1.5k 45 10 20
A project to provide a form of "vision" to the blind and partially sighted.
Project Owner Contributor

The Vision Project

haydn jones

5.3k 53 7 20
In which the author runs open source firmware on a palm sized quadcopter
Project Owner Contributor

BradWii on the Hubsan Q4


4.8k 407 3 20
sat.Send is a small device that allows you to send and receive messages and share your GPS location no matter where you are.
Project Owner Contributor


John Grant

1.2k 20 2 20
This speakerphone project enables users with extremely low mobility to feel enabled by connecting them with the outside world
Project Owner Contributor

Julia's Speakerphone


2.8k 1.7k 12 19
Global two-way satellite communication for robotics and IOT sensors. Easy to use, GPIOs, telemetry, low power and web API provided.
2.6k 60 0 19
An open source, modular urban agriculture system. We share tools that help build ecologically resilient, healthy communities.
Project Owner Contributor



2.9k 47 21 19
A dev board for the ATMega32u4
Project Owner Contributor

uBBB 32u4

The Big One

1.6k 1.1k 3 19
A solar powered, cheap wireless mesh networking node to get communities back on their feet faster during and after crisis.
Project Owner Contributor

Simon Tretter

9.4k 279 6 19
An ongoing attempt to subsidize my foodly needs and maybe provide a template for others to use for their own homes.
2.6k 696 1 19
A small accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, SD card logger, with a radio downlink. Does not include Kerbal life support.
Project Owner Contributor

Model Rocket Data Logger


9.1k 1.5k 13 19
Rasky is an expansion board for raspberry pi model 2, a collection of software and some 3d models to build an open source KVM over IP
3.6k 653 13 19
Delta-Sigma: solution for a virtually unlimited number of DACs, and with faster refresh rates then PWM. Applicable on any microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

Delta-Sigma versus PWM


6.2k 50 2 19
An open-source, Arduino/Chipkit compatible, and breadboard-friendly pulse sensor
Project Owner Contributor

Easy Pulse Plugin

Rajendra Bhatt

2.2k 49 4 19
A low-cost open-source scalable hardware platform for the development of interactive systems for deafblind people
Project Owner Contributor


Anderson Antunes

9.1k 64 35 18
Maxim MAX30100 based Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor
4.5k 476 5 18
Open Capillary Electrophoresis platform utilising a Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detector geared for on-line water analysis
Project Owner Contributor

C4Derpillar: Open CE-C⁴D

Brett Walker

13.6k 82 6 18
DC motor rotational speed controller for Chinese CNC3040 spindle motor without any kind of encoder
Project Owner Contributor

DC Motor Controller for CNC Router


10.5k 65 11 18
Turn a 10W Floodlight into a WS2811 Pixel
Project Owner Contributor


AJ Reynolds

2.4k 893 0 18
The Redtree Hydra is the 1st computer for robotics designed to easily add components, communicate with groups of other robots and share data
1.1k 23 2 18
This is an elegant design of decade resistance and decade capacitance using DIP switches
Project Owner Contributor


Vikas V

4.2k 753 7 18
Create a development board for ESP8266 with One-Layer PBC and "normal" components. Third version is ready. For ESP-01, -03, -07 or -12
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Dev-Board

Chris Wagner

3.1k 47 4 18
Open-Hardware home-plugged box, to read and write emails privately from anywhere in the world, out of sight of NSA -
12.8k 57 8 18
Compact diode laser for CNC, etc.
5.9k 600 2 17
A robot that can clean an area of human liter in an autonomous fashion for easier disposal.
Project Owner Contributor

Lazy Cleaner 9000


1.6k 24 6 17
Open source persistence of vision (POV) light for bike wheels, pendulums, or hand waving. Multiple sensors to trigger the animations.
Project Owner Contributor

Multi-sensor POV light


4.2k 55 10 17
DC Uninterruptible Power Supply I built for cluster of Modem, router, VoIP etc. It also consolidates the power adaptors.
2.1k 389 5 17
A USB key that simulates a keyboard to automatically enter your [Google] Authenticator code automatically.
Project Owner Contributor

Authenticator USB Key

Alistair MacDonald

4k 364 12 17
This is a 32-bit audio effects processor which combines several menu-selectable effects into one unit.
Project Owner Contributor

32-bit Audio Effects Unit

9.6k 687 3 17
A solar powered Arduino Weather Station to help the farmers
2.8k 30 8 17
This project goal is to developp an autonomous way of filming RC plane during flight without the need of a 2nd person to do it.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous video recording

Walker Eric

1.6k 965 5 17
A robot to remind and assist people with health maintenance tasks.
Project Owner Contributor

Health Maintenance Robot

Duane Degn

2.9k 659 0 17
IBDAP's objective is to become an affordable open source & open hardware CMSIS-DAP JTAG/SWD debug probe implemented using gcc & makefile.
2.4k 574 1 17
An online free and open source electronic design tool that runs in your browser. See it live at
Project Owner Contributor



3.4k 1k 5 17
Getting started with a home automation... made easy.
2.1k 734 4 16
Project R(rrrr) is a low-budget research robot for the rest of us.
Project Owner Contributor

Project R


3.2k 712 8 16
The Arduino Pi is a single board computer based on Arduino platform.
2.7k 266 0 16
TerraSpider is part of wireless robotic system capable of designing, repairing and maintaining vast landscapes over extended periods of time
Project Owner Contributor

Terra Spider

Anh Vu

1.7k 70 1 16
Autonomous Quad Copter using GPS, Optical flow sensor, Ultrasonic distance sensor and a Pixy Cam for autonomous flight.
Project Owner Contributor

Autonomous Quad Copter


5.5k 444 2 16
Simple function generator using an AVR, built from parts I have lying around
Project Owner Contributor

Function Generator

The Big One

2.9k 787 0 16
An inexpensive and more accurate GPS receiver accessory for Nikon D3100 (and compatible) cameras.
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Receiver for Nikon D3100 Cameras


2.4k 40 11 16
PIC Microcontroller dev board, in an Arduino form factor
Project Owner Contributor



6.2k 62 2 16
To go where no Rice dorm has gone before: Automated Lighting n' Stuff
2.3k 473 8 16
An Electronic Power System in the PocketQube 60 femtosatellite form factor
Project Owner Contributor

PQ60 - EPS


2k 327 6 16
a biofeedback wristband with galvanic skin response: giving insight into emotions
Project Owner Contributor



3.6k 60 0 16
A single camera, multiple filter multispectral imaging system - with no moving parts - that can be flown on a small UAV.
2.1k 24 6 16
using hardware like floppy drives and 3D printers together to play any MIDI file
1.2k 666 6 15
The idea is to take the water used in a shower to use for flushing the toilet, there is no sense in using drinkable water for that
Project Owner Contributor

Shower water repurposer


13.7k 272 1 15
DIY Hifi Phono Stage
Project Owner Contributor

Muffsy Phono Preamp PP-3


5.4k 898 1 15
Clock build from IV-18 VFD tube and Arduino
Project Owner Contributor

IV-18 Arduino Clock

Will Whang

459 719 5 15
Get Brailling is a minimalist input device for the blind and visually impaired.
Project Owner Contributor

Get Brailling

Juha Kivekäs

3.7k 40 0 15
Combines 3 projects I just started: foldable 50W solar panel, campfire-based thermoelectric generator, & RasPi2 lapdock. Fits in a backpack.
3.7k 23 23 15
An attempt to recycle the water wasted during the warm-up period at the start of a shower.
Project Owner Contributor

Shower water saver


4.8k 1.4k 11 15
Production-Ready Modular Prototypes using Hardy Connectors of Yesteryear
Project Owner Contributor

Retro Modules


31.3k 413 0 15
Using Technology And A Hackers Mindset To Increase Food Security For The Coming Billions Last Updated [21/9/2015]
952 24 9 15
Breathe free, night and day.
Project Owner Contributor

Open-source USB CPAP machine

Niel Malan

3k 31 10 15
A device that detects traffic collisions and instantly communicates GPS and other details to predefined numbers including emergency services
Project Owner Contributor

Instant Traffic Collision Notifier


1.3k 40 9 15
Adapter for the Crazyflie 2.0 Quadcopter, for experimenting with unusual side forces
4.2k 870 3 15
An Internet of Things Device to Let My Aging, Disabled Father Know that the Stove is Off, and Ease His Paranoia...
2.2k 43 2 14
A simple bicycle computer that shows speed and distance on a LCD screen. It works on LiPo batteries and uses a reed switch as sensor.
Project Owner Contributor

Bicycle Computer

Clovis Fritzen

3.1k 52 9 14
Rotating perforated disk counter-flow heat exchanger maintains indoor temperature while exchanging fresh outdoor air.
2.9k 30 2 14
Forest health, damage, composition monitoring with the highest data accuracy ever.
729 14 2 14
This experiment investigates the production of bio-oil from Coffee waste. Bio-Oil can be used to make biodiesel.
1.5k 61 0 14
A continuous, non-invasive blood chemistry monitor
Project Owner Contributor


Linus Dillon

2.2k 1k 4 14
Fully automated remote control and monitoring of agricultural growing systems
Project Owner Contributor


Evan Salazar

2k 258 4 14
A device that is changing the bad medical care in Romanian hospitals.It's does so by monitoring Heartbeats Oxigen Temperature of a pacient.
Project Owner Contributor

Health Mate

Moldovanu Ionut

865 24 11 13
Inductive Loop Detector works by detecting an inductance change in wire loop (coil) that is buried in pavement.
Project Owner Contributor

Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector v2.1


2.4k 214 2 13
A community pollution monitoring system aggregating pollution data from individual station users to get information on the environment.
815 279 2 13
Aerobatic remote control Star Wars Drone
Project Owner Contributor

Star Wars Slave I Bi-Copter

Adam Woodworth

5.3k 395 10 13
Automatic pill dispenser for the aging and forgetful
2.3k 9 3 13
Bicycle Cinema is all about putting the power of media distribution into the hands of the people through portable power generation.
769 36 4 13
A dynamometer for brushless motors and props. It measures torque, current, thrust, voltage, coil resistance, RPM and more
Project Owner Contributor

RCbenchmark dynamometer

Charles Blouin

1.3k 29 26 13
It is a set of 300 most commonly used electronic components for connected device products.
Project Owner Contributor

Common Parts Library


3k 796 4 13
The PhotonHome is the next step in bringing the Photon environment to AC powered applications
Project Owner Contributor

PhotonHome - AC Power IoT Homebase


1.5k 46 10 13
Captures signals at the lowest noise levels with very low drift. Precise and easy to use. It’s all your data logging fantasies come true.
3.3k 60 7 13
A compact and portable driver for laptop LED LCD screens using HDMI and USB
Project Owner Contributor

HDMI to LVDS interface


1.6k 56 3 13
This is a non-invasive breath detector, lungs thermometer and other breath parameters logger
Project Owner Contributor

How are you? Errr... are you alive?


5.7k 1.1k 1 13
2.9k 47 23 13
Automate the Reagent (take a sample, put a drop of stuff in, shake, look at the color) testing of water for Aquaponics, Ponds, Aquariums.
Project Owner Contributor

Reagent Robot

James Newton

731 898 0 13
Diabeto is an open hardware device that wirelessly transmits blood glucose readings from a Glucometer into a smartphone
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 1.5k 0 13
One of the simplest Augmented Reality examples for anyone who's new to this technology
2.7k 1.2k 1 13
Lets you control any electrical stuff like fan,TV,motor from your android phone from anywhere in the world.
4.8k 65 11 13
A modern rebuild of a vintage boat design
Project Owner Contributor

Airscrew Driven RC Boat


1.2k 48 3 13
Affordable, modular scanning probe microscope.
Project Owner Contributor

Automatic Jack

Owen Trueblood

3.8k 32 16 13
The ProReg is a device that remotely monitors propane usage.
1.2k 24 5 12
stm32 dev board, data logger, etc...
Project Owner Contributor



699 650 3 12
show control from an led instrument. bring the audience into the performance experience. play highly reactive and mode setting patterns
1.3k 49 6 12
A personal lightning strike detector and dangerous weather alerting device
Project Owner Contributor


brian bloom

869 777 1 12
A wireless controller helps us to manage the environment by controlling fans, lights, pumps, and notifying us when something happens.
Project Owner Contributor

hydroMazing Smart Garden System


5.1k 36 10 12
A modular, expandable Keyboard & Mouse switch using Arduinos
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino K(V)M Switch

Craig Hissett

856 16 0 12
An autonomous solar-powered boat to provide quantitative data regarding pollution indicators (e.g. dissolved oxygen) in bodies of water
2.5k 55 6 12
We Hacked Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol and Toro So we could remotely spray my neighbor's dog while it craps on my lawn and save water.
2.9k 29 8 12
A connected coffee jug.
Project Owner Contributor



840 240 4 12
Solar-powered offshore water quality monitor, connected to the internet.
Project Owner Contributor

Turbidity Sensor

Jeremy Ruhland

1.1k 188 2 12
Small battery-powered data logger that runs on 3.2 µA when measuring at a 1 minute interval
2.5k 42 2 12
Smallest Cortex-M4 of the STM32 line with Espruino support in a Flex Module for wearable sensor processing. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

STM32F401 Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

5.4k 31 3 12
Breakout board for ESP8266 ESP-01 & 03 modules
Project Owner Contributor

ESP-01 & ESP-03 Breakout


1.8k 967 0 12
Using 3Dprinting and 3Dmodelling I managed to teach KUKA robot to weave carbon fibre constructions coated in resin.
3.4k 23 15 12
An all-in-one video player/controller, suitable for children
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Video Player

Craig Hissett

4.3k 1.5k 0 12
Take a cigarette lighter, an AVR microcontroller (ATtiny13), and an IR LED. Wire all together. Now, you can remotely control your Nikon camera.
1.4k 27 3 11
A system which gives people an early warning when an Earthquake is approaching the city and gives time to prepare ourselves
1.5k 28 4 11
Real 5V from the USB connector
Project Owner Contributor

USB Booster


5.4k 207 1 11
A large interactive disco dance floor with hidden capacitive sensors
Project Owner Contributor

Interactive Disco Dance Floor


1.1k 53 0 11
Digitally controlled UV lightbox for PCB manufacturing
Project Owner Contributor

UV Lightbox


1.6k 10 0 11
An RPN based scientific calculator with four line display based on the MSP430 microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

RPN Scientific Calculator

Joey Shepard

1.2k 561 0 11
The Tick Tock Timer is a School Bell timer packed with features
Project Owner Contributor

Tick Tock Timer

Jasper parker

11.1k 52 4 11
An LED strip of white LEDs that can be turned on, dimmed, and turned off with a wave of your hand
Project Owner Contributor

Motion Controlled Cabinet Light

Thomas Snow

912 1.3k 0 11
Wearable token providing seamless & secure authentication
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Finn

869 196 3 11
Fixing terrible spectrum (missing cyan&green) of generic white LEDs to get perfect flat spectrum and impression of blue sky in the room.
3.9k 1.1k 4 11
A home automation box that allows you to connect any device and be controlled by any device and optimizes electricity consumption
Project Owner Contributor

Beaglebone Black Home Automation

Ansaf Ahmad

3.2k 642 1 11
Home automation has been in vogue lately, but adding it to an old house can be quite the mess. fHome is a shot at solving that.
1.3k 1k 1 11
Design and control colorful pixels wirelessly to create amazing accent lights, wearables, and more!
1.4k 518 8 11
A UV monitor which helps prevent UV-caused skin damage.
Project Owner Contributor

Sunburn Monitor


1.8k 37 3 11
helping children to learn about electrical energy in the home
Project Owner Contributor

energy wristband

matt venn

2.8k 325 1 11
An open source telemetry system using downhill mountain biking as an inspiration.
Project Owner Contributor


Chris Hoey

1.3k 653 1 11
An agricultural/horticultural automation and monitoring network for small to large scale production.
Project Owner Contributor

Growing of Things (GoT)


1.1k 372 2 11
A low-cost (~$10), self-contained, swarm-ready, Arduino-compatible, mesh-networked, open-source, open-hardware, useless ROBOT!!
Project Owner Contributor


[ E C C 0 ]

979 146 0 11
It's dark, you're out late, and can't find your bike. Press the button on your phone or remote and the bike lights up and lures you back.
Project Owner Contributor

Anglerfish for Bikes

bob baddeley

815 32 0 11
The ultimate goal of MiCubes is to create an expandable ecosystem of lights, sounds and screens, all centered around your smartphone!
Project Owner Contributor

MiCubes are your cubes!


1.8k 19 1 10
An Emoticon Keyboard Soldering kit utilizing an ATmega328 and the V-USB library from Objective Development
Project Owner Contributor



5k 41 3 10
Gather power data from the breaker panel and beam it to a Raspberry Pi for storage and web serving
Project Owner Contributor

Home Power Usage Monitor

Drew Yenzer

991 42 1 10
Using soil moisture sensors to monitor a lawn's water level, this system saves a user money every time it rains. Why waste money and water?
Project Owner Contributor

On-Demand Sprinkler System

Tim Blikstad

800 30 0 10
A smart power outlet
Project Owner Contributor


Michele Perla

1.1k 482 0 10
NASA cancelled this program in 2013 after spending USD260 Million. Lets see what we can do for USD260!.
2k 453 8 10
This is a CD changer emulator for select Saab cars that lets you stream music to your stock stereo over bluetooth.
Project Owner Contributor



2.9k 45 2 10
Fully automated solution for monitoring and controlling irrigation and watering systems for optimized usage of water resources.
Project Owner Contributor


ACROBOTIC Industries

1.4k 25 9 10
Bribing kids into eating healthy since 2015.
Project Owner Contributor

Reverse Vending Machine

Milkey Mouse

796 4 3 10
Atomic Particles Spin Hack
Project Owner Contributor

SMD Stickvise


2.4k 370 5 10
Audi A4 onboard computer based on the Stellaris launchpad board.
Project Owner Contributor

Onboard Stellaris car computer

Rui Rex

2.1k 463 0 10
An ESP-12 ESP8266 breakout board for your analog RGB ledstrips, floodlights and digital ledstrips
Project Owner Contributor


Michiel Brink

3.6k 385 0 10
Making a Smart Home controller. Stations for each room will a master controller for the home
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Home controllers

john jensen

222 6 1 10
No more monsters under your bed! Bodo is a stuffed animal glowing in the dark whenever you hug him.
Project Owner Contributor

Antimonster Bodo

Julia Dressler

4.7k 43 0 10
nRF51822 implemenation of Smart Bluetooth with a large amount of GPIO, 3dB antenna and SWD connector. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

nRF51822 BLE Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

764 451 1 10
An open platform for creating installations to show various types of motion. Useful for museums and schools. Composed of individual cells.
Project Owner Contributor

Periodic Table of Motion

bob baddeley

2.4k 431 0 10
Do you wanna build a quadCopter, that too without getting Broke?
Project Owner Contributor



348 11 0 10
Dark-activated, 2.8 candela white LED with wide 160-degree light output powered by a 9 V battery.
Project Owner Contributor

BlackOut Light

Kris Winer

3.1k 182 7 10
A box that fits in a room, in which plants can be grown.
Project Owner Contributor



2k 383 4 10
Cheap low power open source heart rate and body temperature monitor
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 538 3 10
Teensy v3.1 - FrSky Smart Port Sensor Shield with addressable led output and telemetry port
1.6k 20 1 10
Raspberry Pi powered indoor farming system to grow lettuce and herb.
2k 22 0 10
An asset tracker geared toward the elderly, demented, and folks who get lost.
Project Owner Contributor

Elderly Asset Tracker


2.8k 511 0 10
Finally, a tool dedicated to 3D printing, to bring together more plastic filaments Now on Kickstarter
736 544 4 10
An Audio Cube (Dice) that can audibly signal which side it has landed on.
Project Owner Contributor

Audio Cube

David Watts

779 252 5 10
Wearable biofeedback device to help people manage stress, panic, and anger!
Project Owner Contributor

The Temperizer

Dan Fruzzetti

947 10 2 10
Make a Lab Organizer in 5 minutes. Hack Plastic Bottles, Tetra Packs, Invoice Envelopes, etc. Go Green & Free! Recycle.
Project Owner Contributor

New a free Lab Organizer


2.1k 51 2 10
To engage people to grow their own food, enrich their self-sustainability and reduce the impacts of industrial agriculture.
Project Owner Contributor



679 33 0 10
Integrated Scope is an electronic measuring instrument which has features similar to that of a Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
Project Owner Contributor

Integrated Scope


817 408 0 10
Mobile Life Alert for a younger generation.
Project Owner Contributor

Guard Llama


7.7k 172 6 10
A template for battery powered sensors using GSM
1.2k 279 0 10
Connecting people through lights controlled by their mind's power to focus: the tech breakdown of the art piece
Project Owner Contributor


George Profenza

1.9k 21 5 10
Replace lots of stick notes and scraps of paper around the house with one Slim Quality Uncostly Intuitive Drawing Pad - [WIP]
Project Owner Contributor


Arthur Admiraal

1.5k 1.7k 1 10
A security camera with 70x optical, 2000x digital zoom, that will have a lot more features than most cameras.
2.3k 123 5 10
The remote will only have a few buttons, each can be programmed by pointing the original remote to this self-learning remote.
1.6k 16 3 10
Density altitude is the altitude your air-dependent machine _thinks_ it is at.
Project Owner Contributor

Density Altitude Gauge

Neil McNeight

1.5k 23 0 10
An autonomous vehicle that utilizes machine vision as well as data from sensors, to follow street lanes, park and overtake obstacles.
1.8k 34 6 10
The SmartWindow automatically determines when a window should be opened or closed, based on the indoor/outdoor temperature and weather.
2.3k 28 0 10
KWh counter that logs and uploads data to the could, based on the TI CC3200 development board.
Project Owner Contributor

Electricity usage monitor


2k 38 0 9
This kit can turn any old laptop into a water-cooled LED-projector with built-in media center and wireless streaming.
Project Owner Contributor

Ultimate Old Laptop Recycle Kit


1.3k 543 0 9
A minimalist direct conversion radio receiver. 3 general purpose transistors and a Polyakov 2 diode mixer.
Project Owner Contributor

PolyMorph Receiver


513 22 0 9
2 KWatts "shield" for Attiny Trinket, can convert an Arduino PWM AnalogWrite() Output into a 2KWatts PWM output, same Duty Cycle
Project Owner Contributor

POWER to AnalogWrite()


585 463 6 9
Hack uses the Pulse sensor to detect heartbeat in BPM transmit via BTLE to Android app and uses Spotify API to suggest music based on mood.
Project Owner Contributor

Pulse Music Player

Anil Pattni

1.2k 37 0 9
Stuck on a island in the middle of the ocean without a wifi backup disk? The TEENSY SD USB back up tool is what you need!
Project Owner Contributor

SD card back up tool


1.3k 383 0 9
Turn your garden, security lighting or task lighting on and off automatically each night with this circuit. It's easy to install.
Project Owner Contributor

0.2$ Day Night Switch

Manoj Thakur

630 13 2 9
Designing things inside my computer is lots of fun but making physical things move under computer control is extra fun.
841 956 0 9
Sophisticated and Reliable Drone which can stream live Air Quality information and Video feed for Monitoring and Surveillance purposes.
4.2k 371 3 9
Open Source bluetooth enabled IMU with SPI expansion slots. Track any motion
Project Owner Contributor

BLE Intertial Measurement Unit


634 598 0 9
The kit development aimes at designing a universal training board that can cover a wide range of experiments
3.9k 33 2 9
A 450g Titanium Rocket Stove
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 1k 2 9
From one hub you can automate functionality on other devices (Spark, WeMo, Nest, etc.) All wirelessly!
Project Owner Contributor

Open Smart Hub : Home Automation

Anthony Ngu

455 1k 0 9
A toy and app made for anyone to learn to code. Wireless drag-and-drop coding and our friendly iPad tutor. Think Lego meets the IoT!
1.5k 34 6 9
90% less water usage, greater crop yield in same square footage, farm in arid climates
1k 19 5 9
Solution for put wide boards/ICs into a breadboard, keeping the four connection holes for each pin
Project Owner Contributor

Expandable breadboard


2.1k 14 10 9
Having been exclusive to a certain uC-line for over a decade, it's time to learn something new (and port commonCode!)... Enter MIPS
5k 438 4 9
An automated and connected aquarium management system
1.6k 682 6 9
Project Owner Contributor

Head Tones


418 16 0 9
An LED flashlight driver with innovative UI to control 5 LED channels with a single button
Project Owner Contributor

MELD Flashlight Driver

Everett Bradford

1k 327 0 9
The IoT thing
Project Owner Contributor



3.1k 528 1 9
My car's alarm remote went dead. Now is the opportunity to implement a safer and more reliable remote for it using nRF24LE1.
3.3k 385 7 9
PICkit can be used as a PIC Programmer, Serial to USB converter, Logic Probe, Logic Analyzer, but also as an AVR Programmer for Atmel MCUs
3.6k 146 0 9
This project uses an ESP8266 (IOT) module to send an email alert when the smoke alarms are sounding.
Project Owner Contributor

Internet enabled smoke alarm

Matt Meerian

527 504 2 9
autonomous robotic pet modeled after K-9 from Doctor Who
Project Owner Contributor

K-9 robotic pet


1.9k 8 6 9
Build an optics lab beam splitter with Lego, a dichroic prism from a broken computer projector, and a laser pointer.
Project Owner Contributor

Lego Optics Lab: Beam Splitter

Steve Schuler

1.1k 53 0 9
Arduino based 6 channel rc transmitter
Project Owner Contributor


Patricio Reinoso M.

2.5k 36 0 9
The project uses Solar Energy to pump water for Agricultural and domestic consumption.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Water Pump

Jonathan Pereira

1.7k 40 0 9
A self-contained, true random number generator which uses radioactive decay as an entropy source.
Project Owner Contributor

Nuclear Random Number Generator


2.2k 31 9 9
A solar powered led light that turns on at human presence with switch mode configurable charge control and constant current led drive
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Solar Lamp


1.6k 413 2 9
A Hydroponic/Greenhouse system that has been automated as much as possible to remove the maintenance burden of these systems from the user.
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Hydroponic GreenHouse

Tom Van den Bon

482 24 12 9
Recycle, trade and discover effortlessly through castoff-to-credit modular vending
Project Owner Contributor



1.8k 485 6 9
USB keyboard that lets you type in 8-bit binary!
547 471 7 9
Inexpensive, home-scale computer controlled composter, buildable with recycled parts like washing machine motors and 40 gallon drums
Project Owner Contributor

Algorithmic Composter


2k 334 1 9
Detect barks and post them to Twitter
Project Owner Contributor

A Twitter account for my dog

Henry Conklin

682 30 1 9
Using throwaway materials and electronics, create a custom mood light that emphasizes recycling/upcycling
Project Owner Contributor

Trash light

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

711 41 5 9
Using custom or modified smartphone hardware, developing an OS that uses as little battery power as possible, to gain weeks without charge.
Project Owner Contributor

Low power smartphone OS

Mark Bassett

4.3k 762 5 9
nrf24le1 IoT Development Kit
Project Owner Contributor

i/o node


1.5k 1.2k 1 9
Low cost radio module highly stable
1.7k 306 1 8
Build a laser oscilloscope using Lego, littleBits, Erector set, and the Kano Computer.
Project Owner Contributor


Steve Schuler

1.9k 26 0 8
We start simple: with an open-source variable voltage power supply, which, for now, will use a modified computer PSU.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Bench Top Power Supply


2.9k 21 5 8
I use a esp8266 to control a BEAM style robot
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny wi-fi robot


1.2k 7 2 8
What do you get with a solar cell, some sun light, a supercap, a haptic motor, bristle from old tooth brush and a few parts?
Project Owner Contributor

Solar B.E.A.M. Bristle Bot

K.C. Lee

1k 1.4k 0 8
World's First Remotely Controlled "Humanoid" Robot a.k.a Shadow Bot
Project Owner Contributor

Humanoid Robot


910 359 1 8
Utilise off the shelf hardware and OSS to create a cheap thermal imaging camera for firefighting use
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 29 12 8
Asphalt can generate large amounts of heat and by using the Seebeck effect I believe can be a great source for electricity.
Project Owner Contributor

Asphalt Heat Harvesting

Jesse Ransom

774 24 0 8
An autonomous quadrotor for indoors hovering and linefollowing
Project Owner Contributor

Self-Contained Autonomous Quadrotor


824 252 0 8
A free internet, free to use, free from control.
Project Owner Contributor

Wild Onion - Free Anonymous Net


1k 6 2 8
A device to aid Trap-Neuter-Return projects in reducing animal stress and increasing efficiency.
Project Owner Contributor

Das Katzetelegraf

Roland Lovelock

1.9k 215 4 8
Use two cheap 16-relay boards to multiplex and remotely control up to 256 channels of firey madness
Project Owner Contributor

256 Channel Firework Controller

Aleks Clark

1k 20 2 8
9-axis Gyro with the BME280 Pressure, Humidity, Temperature sensor
Project Owner Contributor

12axis Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

1.7k 32 3 8
A fully automated small scale gardening system.
896 374 5 8
Building a 200V 2Kw Battery charger.
Project Owner Contributor

2Kw AC-DC psu


6.9k 959 13 8
An arduino based oscilloscope capable of ~150kS/s
Project Owner Contributor



5k 234 0 8
A project aimed at developing a humanoid ballbot platform.
1.7k 322 8 8
Big Cities are getting Thirsty; Lets Save 1 Billion Gallons of fresh Drinkable Water per year by taking 2 song showers + social awareness.
Project Owner Contributor

ShowerBeats (connected Shower)


2.3k 196 0 8
Replicating TI's overpriced Op Amp Evaluation Module
Project Owner Contributor

Precision Labs replica


1.1k 584 2 8
A pen with optical text recognition that reads text aloud ... potentially helping the visually impaired
Project Owner Contributor


Brian Chen

1.1k 25 10 8
The Scipio project is based on the idea of combining the familiar SODIS method of purifying water with the latest, low-cost technology
Project Owner Contributor


Theodor Hillebrand

1.1k 17 0 8
A set of sensors and an App that warn you before something bad happens.
Project Owner Contributor

Personal Medical Assistant

Daniel Dmitrzak

3k 35 3 8
a tiny-but-scalable three-ish axis-system *from* laser-cuts
Project Owner Contributor

2.5-3D thing


1.8k 30 0 8
Arduino Controlled Robotic Gardening Appliance
Project Owner Contributor

The Smart Garden Mini

Frank Vigilante

1.7k 2k 0 8
UP1 robotics platform, bringing robotics to everyone
Project Owner Contributor

UpDroid's UP1

Kartik Tiwari

611 1.5k 0 8
This Augmented Reality tutorial will allow you to put virtual 3D skull and 3D iron man mask models on your head!Try it out, it's really fun!
Project Owner Contributor

Augmented Reality and Kinect

Edgaras Art

243 217 2 8
clock which can display a special icon and can tell others use the speaker to provide assistance
1.3k 740 2 8
Launchpad is a great device for musicians with many possibilities. Now you can make your own use of it without computer.
839 19 1 8
It is a motion sensor(which uses blob detection algorithm) and a video filtering system which runs on Altera's DE2 board.
1.8k 814 0 8
Working to kick start the robot revolution. It is coming, and the Kasei Initiative will play an important role.
Project Owner Contributor

The Kasei Initiative

Mister Malware

1.2k 21 11 8
Measuring strain using strain gauges.
Project Owner Contributor

Strain Indicator V2.0

Ahmed Hefnawi (Volta)

3k 487 5 7
Open Free WiFi & added-value services for hotels, bars, restaurants, malls and airports in a Bubble!
Project Owner Contributor

3D WiFi Bubbles

George Delaportas

2.8k 416 3 7
I need a larger print area in order to print a printer
Project Owner Contributor

Printrbot Simple Metal - Bed upgrade


710 15 0 7
Producing your own solar energy in your flat without drilling holes.
Project Owner Contributor

Wasteland Energy

Jack Pearse

582 388 2 7
There are lots of people on earth and not a lot of health care workers nor doctors. What can be done to remedy this problem?
Project Owner Contributor


chris jones

692 8 3 7
*moved to pyLCI project*An expandable control system for Linux with apps that lets you control your Linux devices using a screen and buttons
Project Owner Contributor

Linux Control System


306 9 0 7
The aim of the Arduino based project is to help protect human life. Gather data remotely
909 23 1 7
Drives high voltage Piezo Haptic feedback devices by i2c. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

Piezo Haptic Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

2.7k 17 21 7
I plan to use 5 Arduinos, or similar, to trilaterate 3D position using ultrasonic (or possibly audible) sound waves.
1.6k 391 5 7
A nice little shield for 4-digit 7-segment LED display, just about what I have been struggling in finding over the internet.
Project Owner Contributor

4-digit 7-segment LED display

Clovis Fritzen

913 458 3 7
A television mute button for my special-needs son
Project Owner Contributor



6.1k 818 0 7
NodeUSB is a tiny, low cost $9, WiFi ready, ESP8266 USB dev kit for Internet of things, it comes with NodeMCU pre-installed
1.6k 485 4 7
Analog clock that shows the hourly weather forecast to aid transport and clothing decisions
Project Owner Contributor

Weather Clock

j0z0r pwn4tr0n

425 12 0 7
Use ATmel's USB Generic HID Implementation to design a minimal part USB clinical device with a BP monitor, pulse oximeter and ECG
8.7k 25 6 7
...without handling mains power
Project Owner Contributor

Muffsy Hifi Dual Power Supply


1.6k 44 3 7
This project uses a modified mesh network of long range Wi-Fi enabled sensors to monitor the water purity of wells over large areas.
1.3k 848 2 7
A plastic recycling system for 3D printers...junk goes in, filament comes out! Fully integrated, automated, novel tech & closed loop control
Project Owner Contributor


Dennon Oosterman

857 38 3 7
The base goal of this project is to build a simple, low cost, water quality testing system.
1.1k 298 0 7
A system using sonar (and other sensors) to automatically maintain altitude on a quadcopter without affecting other functions
Project Owner Contributor

Quadcopter altitude hold

Everett Bradford

2.6k 6 0 7
9.3k 672 0 7
A homemade photobooth based on a raspberry pi.
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Photobooth


416 529 2 7
HelloSpoon is a DIY social robot kit intended to feed children and elderly with upper limb difficulties while giving them a fun time.
Project Owner Contributor

HelloSpoon robot.

Luis Garcia Gonzalez

314 23 2 7
Let's build a tool that gives good cops a way to report bad cops safely & anonymously.
Project Owner Contributor


John Vilsack

856 824 0 7
a citizen science phenology monitoring network
Project Owner Contributor


Koen Hufkens

3.8k 28 1 7
A Wi-Fi based LED switch to check that your VPN is running on your router and control it.
Project Owner Contributor

VPN Light Switch


1.6k 24 0 7
Living in a 1962 Wayne Bus while converting it!
Project Owner Contributor

Big Old Bus RV Conversion


1.1k 431 0 7
Interactive Art Exhibition
Project Owner Contributor



445 649 0 7
Open source teaching tools typically focus on robotics and electrical engineering. This device allows for teaching chemistry and biology.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Bio - STEM Teaching Tool


324 489 1 7
This is a wearable band with an interchangeable face for different pucks
Project Owner Contributor

Wearable Band

Anil Pattni

2.2k 27 1 7
This is an Open Source Smartwatch cum Fitness Band that will have most smart watch capabilities along with Heart Rate Monitoring
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Fitness Band

Sounak Ranjan Das

1.4k 1.1k 0 7
Preterm infants come in lots of different sizes. Nasal CPAP cannula come in few sizes. Read on to see if we can 3D print a solution.
1.5k 18 0 7
Designed For Nextion HMI TFT Use
485 1k 0 7
POISED is a laser scanner - a camera and a projector: captures images using one laser, and in real time another laser renders those images
664 12 0 7
Inexpensive game console that can be used to play and make games.
1.6k 12 8 7
Process tank and Reverse Pulse Current power supply
2.1k 775 0 7
A Bluetooth Low energy Terminal Node Connector for sending and reciving AFSK modulated packet data on your phone via radio.
Project Owner Contributor

BluetoothLE APRS TNC


438 191 5 7
I've decided to bu