ICE and Wastedrinks A/C support

This project will be saving energy in all bars, maybe in a lot of homes. We will use waste drinks and waste ICE cubes to support the A/C.

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As we all tend to be lazy, we wanted to start a project that requires minimal cost, but helps to save energy from wasteful materials.

In this particular project we thought that there is an excessive amount of Bars here.

They all use and need A/Cs which are excessive in the usage of electricity.

The more People are in a bar, the more chilled air is needed.

The more people are there, the more heat is produced by breath and human radiation. The more Drinks are consumed, the more leftover ice and Drinks are tossed.

So It makes sense to use the leftover ice for chilling the air and assisting the A/C.

We are developing a doubled sink that keeps the ice cubes from falling in the drain and chilling counter flow air. Through a pipe System maybe a steampunk installation, the room gets additional chilled air with just a few fans.

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