7 Segment LED Master Clock

An Arduino is used to decode and display time & date from the DCF77 "Atomic" Clock on a 1" 7 segment and 4x20 LCD display.

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The clock provides the following pulses to drive slave clocks 1 sec alternating, 30 sec, 1 min , 1 hour, 24 hr, 15 min chime of quarter hours, hourly chime of hours

Primary display of time in hours, minutes & seconds are displayed on 1" (26mm) green LED 7 segment displays

Secondary 4x20 I2C LCD display is used to display time & date, fast or slow seconds, summer winter correction, display brightness, sync information, signal quality, auto tune'd frequency, auto tuned quartz accuracy and summer winter time mode

The primary and secondary displays are auto dimmed using an LDR and Pulse Width Modulation

The primary and secondary displays are shutdown during daytime and are activated by Passive Infrared detection when the clock detects someone entering the room

Manually triggered automatic Summer/Winter time correction of 30 second slave clocks

Bluetooth link for programming, clock pulse status etc

Auto leap second adjustment of 30 second slave and 1 second slave clocks

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brett.oliver wrote 04/04/2015 at 09:15 point

Hi i use This works well in my location in the South of England. Positioning is very easy.

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SephenDeVos wrote 04/04/2015 at 08:50 point

Hi, Great project!, Which DCF77 module did you use and was it difficult to get it positioned and working with an Arduino?

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