I like building fun things with AVR and STM32.

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Wassim wrote 05/06/2017 at 08:35 point

Thank you for the "like" of #Home Smart Mesh. I also "liked" your project #Low power mesh networking for small sensor grids

You basically have a very good complement for what I did not had time to work on, the heart of the mesh protocol. I have a very simple flood, time to live algorithm with an end to end SW address and acknowledge. I am also porting the HW to the STM32 world which is also your target HW. In addition, my strategy here is to provide very low cost and very simple to build PCBs by usage of on the shelf modules "STM32 Blue pill" in stead of LQFP32 or 48. This work in progress is in #STM32 Blue pill IoT expansion boards

The SW on the STM32 is quite complex for beginners, sharing and maintaining libraries dependencies is challenging, here also the goal is to have an environment that is very simple to use, reproduce and edit for anyone, I'm evaluating options here in #STM32 BluePill Frameworks Evaluation. First impressions is the mbed being as easy as arduino with very capable OS and serious dependencies library in an active community. I patched the mbed-os for the Blue pill support and changed the options to fit it in the flash with still half empty ~ 30KB.

So if you have any suggestions, recommendations or would like to start any collaboration, it is very welcome. There are also no commitments as I'm doing things mainly for fun.

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Daniel wrote 06/13/2017 at 01:55 point

Glad you like it. Tempted to port to the BBC micro:bit, even easier to build (it's already built). Something like this would be fun, a square inch board with the radio socket, maybe a little bit larger to add such luxuries as mounting holes. Using the super cheap STM32F030.

stm32plus makes stm32 easier, but you have to understand modern C++

I see the blue pill. I wonder if it is a counterfeit STM32. For me, spinning a PCB is worth the trouble compared to having to attach the radio with loose wires.

Another piece of hardware I'm interested in is the SiLabs BGM113. They are practically giving it away, and it's a qualified module including the microcontroller.

I am mostly interested in the mesh protocol, and in producing a few gadgets for myself. Hopefully the software will be very easy for others to adapt, including to other kinds of radios.

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Wassim wrote 06/13/2017 at 16:31 point

Thanks for all the references, the inch sized STM32 board and radio module... inspiring...

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