A lightweight framework for making SmartPhone applications for Dave Hunt's PiPhone platform.

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Cobblr is an open source software program for the Raspberry Pi. It is used in order to create applications that help the Pi function as a phone, camera, memo recorder, music player, and much more. The software is extendable -- meaning it can be built on top of, so that more applications can be created.

The software was developed and written by Qasim Dove, with help from Cliff Dove. (2015)

Details on installation and application making will be found in each of the app's repositories.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+
  • 1 × PiTFT+ 2.8 Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 1 × Powerboost 1000C [Optional]
  • 1 × LiPo Battery [Optional]

  • Documentation &

    Qasim Dove12/29/2015 at 09:46 0 comments

    Cobblr has been nearly a year long project. So far, the code has been completed (minus a couple of bugs here and there). The code's documentation should be coming out shortly. Likewise, the documentation for app making and building the camera case should also be making its way out.

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