Key Features

  • 12 hours of weather forecast is displayed by 12 horizontal lines with 20 LED in each. Bottom line is current time. Top line - forecast in 12 hours from now.
  • Each line can light with different color depends on the temperature for this hour. Minimal and maximum temperature can be defined on the backend
  • Each line has own animation which is showing wind speed. See video for more details
  • Precipitations are displayed from the sides of line. See video for more details
  • Lamp can visualize different data. For example, you can build your own crazy dance version easily


Basically it is set of 3 projects:

  1. Hardware (288 LEDs and Raspberry Pi, WiFi dongle). LED Strip has been cut to 12 pieces with 20 leds in each. Each stripe has been glued to the frame which has been 3d printed.
  2. Weather forecast backend (build on Java, deployed on Heroku)
  3. LED controller application which is built on C


Without front surface:

Rain forecast demonstration:

"Fun" mode. Just as demonstration that you can visualize everything: