ESP8266 Fun

A project log for PASS: Pollution Analytics Shared Socially

A community pollution monitoring system aggregating pollution data from individual station users to get information on the environment.

Joshua YoungJoshua Young 06/11/2015 at 19:290 Comments

I have done quite a bit of work with my ESP8266 module, but have not gotten very far yet. For those interested in the fun of it I can fill you in obstacles I found. First off I was working with an mBed nucleo because I thought I could easy use that to emulate a FTDI chip. The Nucleo is 3.3 volt compatible and I would not have to drop the voltage like would be necessary with my easy to breadboard arduino uno. Well I after banging my head against the wall found out that the RX and TX serial pins that are labeled on the Nucleo pin out are not actually active on the board. Seems to be a mistake by STmicroelectronics on this one. Un daunted I started to use my FTDI232 module that finally came in from Amazon. Yea ready to flash my ESP8266... You guys remember FTDI gate? Yep, bricked device and bad drivers thanks to the software driver guys at FTDI. After a bit of research I was finally able to update my drivers and unbrick my device, but it took much longer than expected for my machine. So onward, ESP8266 device flashed with firmware! Now I have been bouncing back and forth between trying to use my FTDI232 and my mbed nucleo to test AT commands on the ESP8266. Some of the commands are taking, but now it appears I have a compatibility problems with my serial terminal that I have to track down to make my ESP8266 happy. I was able to get my ESP8266 working with a loaner Freescale freedom board in a IoT workshop, but it was only a loaner so I am stuck trying to get my equipment to work.

Stay tuned for my battery powered prototype of a ESP8266 transmitting data logged from a single sensor. I just need to get my serial terminal to cooperate.