RC Schooner Sailboat

Arduino based scratch-built two-masted tall ship model

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Based on Gary Webb's available schooner plans I have began to build my very first model boat. She is a scratch-built, 150 cm (58 in) long, two-masted tall ship.
I would like to use DIY radio control system with arduino.

Gary Webb's plans for Schooner Irene is available for some dollars. I've bought the plans and I am working on her from February 2017. You can find a Topic on RC Groups about Schooner Irene. My building logs are there as well with a good bunch of pictures.

In January 2018, I have began to build the mechanics and electronics as well. In this Hackaday Project I will report my successes and failures regarding the mechanics and electronics of the boat.

  • Rudder Control (Mechanics)

    borazslo02/17/2018 at 14:48 0 comments

    The rudder will be controlled by a HS-485HB servo. The rudder's shaft is rounded so I've sanded down on one side. Then I 3D printed a small something (help me with the name please) to attache to the shaft. The plate of this something and the plate of the servo are connected with not-so-precise rods. It works. Yet.

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Bharbour wrote 10/31/2019 at 15:41 point

That is a nice looking boat, good job!

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