Vehicle control kit

Robotics conversion kit for human driving vehicles

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A project to create a kit for basic remote control and auto steering and movement for common vehicle interfaces.

The idea is to make a simple kit to convert tractors and other vehicles to remote driving so they can be used in hazardous environments.

Basically install a kit in and hook it up to battery/generator and set waypoints to drive and put the vehicle in drive/1st gear+speed setting. One motor will steer and the other motor will do brake/clutch control.

For example using the kit to make a mine clearing tractor in Ukraine with any normal vehicle.

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  • God, godare, gratis

    Corsix12/20/2023 at 20:44 0 comments

    Trying to find out way to use as cheap parts as possible for the setup, on Ardupilots website they suggest a bunch control units but they are kind of expensive so looking in to how to run the software on cheaper dev boards. mRo PixRacer R15 and DRAGON LINK NANO RECEIVER was a consideration of components I found on Ardupilots recommended components but want to find alternatives, not only for on board control but for long range communication command and control too. The control loop with Odrive and motor is not the best in price option too for the application, but using it now for testing as I had it on hand.

    Edit: Just found 10 min later This is why this place is amazing haha, perfect idea for remote communication, some type of implementation like this is the idea with control too  . Later versions I'd like to implement vision to send back to base station too.

  • The start of the tinkering :)

    Corsix09/27/2023 at 01:12 0 comments

    Have had some stuff going on but now I've gotten more time on my hands and have gotten in some parts to start initial tinkering.

    Will update later on any progress and also some design ideas I've had.

  • First component consideration & acquisition

    Corsix08/31/2023 at 11:59 0 comments

    Have been scourging the internet for what components to have generally and then finding parts to specifically buy as well.

    Will do a updated parts list soon.

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