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So I decided to push the IoT thematics forward.
I used the ESP8266 - 01 without any modifications - the Arduino IDE (as you announced) and some hardware lying arround and I programmed an Website, the brain, with an management DB as Backbone.

How simple is to create IoT-Devices ?
1. get a secret code from - register with one click
2. copy & Paste on of the sourcecodes from the how to-page
3. replace the Wifi-Settings and paste in the Secret code
4. connect the ESP to some hardware (schematics will follow soon)
5. connect some IoT-devices online, that they can act with each other.
6. setup email notification as needed (e.g. motion detection)

thats it.

Some functions as time sheduled actions will follow very soon.
  • Changelog

    Robert05/10/2015 at 11:47 0 comments

    actual Changelog can be found under:

  • Status

    Robert05/10/2015 at 00:20 0 comments


    • feedback from IoT-Device if it was activated
    • time shedules
    • connect IoT-Devices from other accounts
    • Schematics to build IoT-Devices
    • connect more then two devices


    • User Management
    • IoT-Device Management
    • Email Notifications
    • connection between IoT-Devices
    • controll from the web
    • DataBase
    • 3 Devices Tutorials
    • Parts List
    • Excample Video
    • Hackaday entry

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