• Linear motion components ordered

    Aleks Clark07/07/2015 at 15:26 0 comments

    Well, spent some time trawling ebay, settled on 10mm rod for the X axis, and 8mm for Y and Z. Just using sleeve bearings for now. the rods are 50cm and 30cm respectively, which should cover most PCBs. I should be able to make a stick-vise-like board clamp for the bed, so that through-hole components could be removed. A heated bed would probably be a good idea as well, so that the hot air pencil doesn't have as much work to do...

  • Cartesian robot parts

    Aleks Clark06/29/2015 at 13:32 0 comments

    For the cartesian robot portion of the build, I've gone very vanilla:

    Will use the teensy-LC I won in one of the THP giveaways, and 3 ebay stepper controllers. This should mean I can use readily available control code, and keep new code to a minimum. Currently working on gantry design for the robot, will be using an MDF frame