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Racing, Aerial Photography, Freestyle, there is not a single chat for the drone enthusiasts. So yeah, join if you want to talk about everything diy drones. ESCs, props, drl, frames, teams, I don't know anything about anything other than racing, so yeah, all that other drone stuff too. Motors, antennas, join if you care, join if you don't care. Share your builds and your future builds! See ya there!

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  • Working on design for new Tri-Drone, the 3Force Proto

    E. Grames03/27/2018 at 11:20 0 comments

    Just posted an entry for the Hackaday prize 2018, Round 1:

    Basically, a glorified tricopter using a new servo configuration and a custom control algorithm. Read the details for more specs.

    I was wondering if any of you drone enthusiasts here had any suggestions for the design, program, etc. I'm currently looking for a good long-range 6-8 channel tx/rx system for the prototyping phase, which I'll be entering within the next year (yeah, a long time, but both CAD design and funding take time to accumulate into a workable system). As far as range, anyone heard of a decently priced system with a 2-5 mile control radius? That's sort of what I'm looking at to make this thing useful.

    Also, suggestions for a good 3D printer and filament for use on drones would be nice. I'm currently looking at the CR-10S and just standard PLA (to reduce cost, because this is going to be a big drone), but if you know of a better way to go, I'd like to know.

    Oh, and here's the big one... What's the best way you know to get funding or sponsorship? I'm looking at setting up a Patreon and my own affiliate website to accumulate funds, but I'm not sure if it'll work once I get it running. I don't have any budget to spare (I'm a student, BTW) so a good method for funding is always welcome.

    If you haven't guessed, this project is a huge work-in-progress, so I don't expect completion anytime soon.

    Comment on the linked page or PM me with suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

  • Shameless Promotion Time

    ActualDragon03/22/2018 at 01:59 0 comments

    So it would be kinda hypocritical if the creator of the drone chat didn't have a drone, so i'll put this here, to encourage people to put their builds here and to show off mine. 

    MY GEAR- 

    Radio- Fly Sky FsTh-9x (bought it used from, for $60 with the djt telemetry module and a receiver)

    Goggles: #DIY Box Goggles for Cheap FPV (upgraded build coming soon, so like!)

    Drone: Not finished yet-

    hmu if you want specs

  • Alexa Drone

    ActualDragon03/12/2018 at 02:23 0 comments

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