• Minibike Sort of Plans

    06/03/2019 at 01:37 3 comments

    the lighting is bad, but i think that looks pretty cool, you can make out all the important parts

  • Altoids Heli

    03/19/2018 at 00:18 0 comments

    I put my two favorite things together: my old toy helicopter and an altoids tin, and came up with this piece of artwork:

    Now if only i could find the controller...

  • Everyone needs one of these

    02/19/2018 at 20:43 0 comments

    Why? Literally just because i guarantee everyone on this site has the shit you need (breadboard, arduino nano, and micro servos) and they're really cool. I'm working on putting a leaf switch on the front of mine.

    #Search for a four servo walking robot