• Altoids Heli

    03/19/2018 at 00:18 0 comments

    I put my two favorite things together: my old toy helicopter and an altoids tin, and came up with this piece of artwork:

    Now if only i could find the controller...

  • Everyone needs one of these

    02/19/2018 at 20:43 0 comments

    Why? Literally just because i guarantee everyone on this site has the shit you need (breadboard, arduino nano, and micro servos) and they're really cool. I'm working on putting a leaf switch on the front of mine.

    #Search for a four servo walking robot 

  • Science Oympiad Electric Vehicle 2017

    02/14/2017 at 16:07 4 comments

      this was my 2017 entry into the science olympiad. the basic rules were that you needed to make a car that went a certain distance, to be decided at the competition. the trial in the video was my fault, i set it for 12 meters when it was supposed to go 11. XD The second one was almost perfect. That wasn't my fault though, my dad accidentally hit the home button and couldn't get back to the camera. I just found out i got 2nd out of like 15 or so. i almost cried. i still cant believe it actually worked. I worked off from this design, adding two switches (one on the top to turn it off and on, and a leaf at the end of the axle set nc, so it turns off the motor and brakes the car) and a pulley (a o ring) to attach to the motor