Quantity   Component name
1 × Capacitive sensor: 1m aluminium tape and 1m wires DIY capacitive sensor under the chair composed of 50mm wide aluminium tape and a couple of wires connected between it and the module
1 × XMEGA32E5 MIcrocontroller, used as brain of the device
1 × ESP8266 module ESP-01 Optional WiFi module, to upload data to server.
1 × 3mm LEDs, 3 colors Different parts available, use colours and part numbers as per taste.
1 × Cell phone vibrator motor Different parts available from Ebay. I used this http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC1-5-3V-Micro-Coreless-Vibration-Motor-2pcs-for-Cell-Phone-Model-Toy-/321681868279?hash=item4ae5bbc5f7
1 × Buzzer LD-BZEN-1201
1 × Passives, wires, connectors, discreetes 100n 08085 capacitors, 100u electrolytic SMD, 10nH indutcor, switch, 2 pin 2.54mm connector, 2.54mm header.
1 × 2xAA battery holder
1 × 2xAA batteries Use quality industrial batteries from your electronics supplier.
1 × Button Micro switch for future functionality.