Quantity   Component name
1 × NEMA 34 from eBay part number 85BYGH450A-08 data sheet: http://www.kysanelectronics.com/Products/datasheet_display.php?recordID=2883
1 × osepp pro mini Really small Arduino. I bought for a previous project but didn't use. Product page: http://osepp.com/products/arduino-compatible-boards/osepp-pro-mini-arduino-compatible/
1 × rugged motor driver Rugged Circuits "rugged motor driver", product page here: http://www.ruggedcircuits.com/motor-control/rugged-motor-driver
1 × linksprite clear arduino case product page: http://store.linksprite.com/clear-enclosure-for-pcduino-arduino/
1 × laser printer power supply Cannibalized from a Samsung laser printer; has 5V and 24V DC output. Also utilizing the on/off switch and IEC power outlet.
1 × project enclosure from Fry's Used for housing the power supply
1 × Horizontal toggle clamp from Harbor Freight Used at right end of the device to clamp part. http://www.harborfreight.com/500-lb-horizontal-toggle-clamp-96233.html
1 × Countersink 60 degree angle, HSS, trade size 5, 3/16" drill, 2-3/4" long