Antimonster Bodo

No more monsters under your bed! Bodo is a stuffed animal glowing in the dark whenever you hug him.

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Meet Bodo, the Antimonster: no more monsters under your bed thanks to Lilypad Arduino! Bodo glows in the dark whenever you hug him.

Bodo uses conductive fabric and felt as pressure sensor, conductive thread, a Lilypad battery holder and a Lilypad LED as a very simple electronic setup together with some fabric and cotton as filling. Tools needed: a pair of scissors and a sewing needle.

Components are child safe, washable and the assembly requires no soldering.

While creating your version of Bodo the Antimonster you can learn basic electronics with this kit together with you children and even learn how to sew as a nice side effect.

My daughter loves it! Her pink Bodo became one of her favorite stuffies.

Bodo was created from idea to finished prototype during Startup Weekend Hamburg 2014, completed in just 36 hours total from pitch to presentation. The idea was born when my daughter kept being awake by the fear of monsters under her bed - I constantly had to keep the light on during the night which is neither comfortable nor energy efficient.

Since she got Bodo she just hugs him whenever she's afraid making her feel safe instantly. Light fights monsters very effectively, you know!

  • 1 × Lilypad LED
  • 1 × Lilypad battery holder
  • 1 × Conductive thread
  • 1 × Conductive fabric
  • 1 × Fabric

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Les Hall wrote 09/07/2015 at 17:06 point

Definitely a good monster deterrent, well created!  One skull from me.  

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