Quantity   Component name
1 × Locktite Spray Adhesive This is used to attach the Mylar to the LightScribe discs.
1 × LightScribe Drive The drive is used to burn the Graphene Oxide using infared lasers to reduce it to Graphene.
1 × LightScribe Discs LightScribe drives can only read LightScribe discs.
1 × Mylar Mylar is acting both as our substrate to cover the discs and the dielectric for the capacitors.
1 × Adhesive Copper Wire This wire is used as leads in the super capacitor. It is adhesive so no soldering is required.
1 × Graphene Oxide Graphite oxide is too difficult and too expense at the moment. We are running our tests with the much thinner Graphene Oxide.
1 × Syringe We need a syringe to disperse the oxide onto the LightScribe discs. We couldn;'t get a hold of a normal thin-tipped syringe, so we cut a turkey baster and flattened out the tip.
1 × Exacto Knife The knife is used to cut the Mylar to the size of the disc and to cut out even squares of Graphene to make super capacitors.