Syma X56W barometric mod

The barometric control of the drone is lagging if there is any wind outside. So I decided to modify it.

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Flying in the wind is horrible with this sensor. Every gust of wind let the drone rise and then falling down near the ground....

I opened the drone to locate the sensor. It's on the back side with a 4 strip cable. Vcc, GND and 2 wires for I2c bus system. That's the point, it's an I2c bus. I wanted only a simple modification to get better control of the drone while flying in wind.

How does this sensor works? It measures the pressure of the atmosphere. If the atmosphere pressure rises, the drone has fallen down so the electronic will give an extra push to the engines to rise the drone and hold it on its height.

I've decided to put the sensor under one of the blades, so it always has over pressure. Now the sensor can't give real measurement values to the drones control unit. So the problem is cured :)

In my pictures you can see how I realized that tiny modification.

Enjoy :)

Next modification will be third person view of the drone instead of t

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