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  • LightBlue Bean Arrived!

    5 months ago • 1 comment

    Thanks Hackaday! Can't wait to try it out.

  • Home SDN - maybe

    7 months ago • 1 comment

    An Introduction To Software Defined Networking (SDN Tutorial):

    openflow - dd_wrt

    Prof. Jennifer Rexford - Frenetic: A Programming Language for Software D...:


  • Gravity

    7 months ago • 8 comments

    This is just a random page for me (and anyone else who feels so inclined) to post links for the things found on the topic.

    I can not speak for anyone else, but I have found the topic of gravity confounding at both the cosmic and quantum levels. While I think that I understand, at least at some level, what Einstein proposed and I get some of the concepts of quantum mechanics, but from what I gather, gravity at a quantum level us best summed up as "?", and for a better answer than that a subscription to some school of thought is required. So, I have made my subscription in the following:


    A new interpretation, presented for the first time here, is that there are little green gremlins hovering around, going backwards and forwards in time, shaking hands and collapsing with mirth as they poke and prod subatomic particles in a way they calculate most likely to confuse us. This explains all of the observed experimental results, but it does introduce gremlins, and the need for a further theory about why they should want to confuse us. Using the principle of Ockham's razor, this interpretation will probably not find much popularity among the scientific community although it may be the basis for a new religion. Watch this space.

    What happens to the Cat? Depends on what the gremlins think will confuse us most."


    Out side of the above, having spent quite a lot of time in the water, I thoroughly enjoy the idea of space being some type of "superfluid". From this I have come to view gravity as something as a false force along the same lines as centrifugal force, due to gravity being the result of matter displacing space (or maybe gravity is real and time is a false force, I am undecided). If I understand correctly this is somewhat in line with Einstein's gravity being a property of space. As for what this "superfluid" is composed of I am odds with because this whole concept comes back around to the aether idea, but just the same I am going with unexcited photons. This seems the most plausible to me because I am apprehensive to come to terms with the idea of the light bulb just releasing an endless supply of photons. It would make sense to me that as one descends out of space and into the atmosphere the space between the nucleus and electrons is still composed of space (in this case photons) and continues to be so to a lesser and lesser extent until the core is reached and then the process is reversed when continuing on to the other side. Additionally, the Centennial Bulb ( stays lit by good craftsmanship, and an answer for the endless supply of photons. So until gremlins and a sea of photons have been irreconcilably disproved I will continue to post links to support my argument.