• DCR006

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  • Hacking tractors

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    My question is, we are at the point that we can refine upon any definition of efficiency we choose.  Be it a working business model, grain production and harvesting, etc...  as to this guys point, it only makes a little bit of sense to keep making bigger more efficient ag equipment.   Why not figure out the point where it makes the most sense to say we will build a combine only so big, but we need X number of farmers in the country to run them.  Agriculture should not be run by large corporations or conglomerates.   There is no heart in the heartland when this happens.

    Like the idiot Americans we are we would rather make sure that morons own guns because it is constitutional,  than focus on the ground we are losing beneath our feet.

    I have spent a fair amount of time on a farm, and I have yet to think of anything that couldn't be improved on, and most things in a major way.

  • BBBW thinks it is a BBB

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    I bought a Beaglebone Black Wireless a few days ago, and this is my first time using them.  I wanted it specifically to use it as a wireless access point, however I was met with several hours of frustration in trying to figure out why ifconfig would list an ethernet port, but no wlan0.  

    This saved the day: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/beaglebone/PUPLXFkJsaI