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Experimental high power rocket with active stabilization, live telemetry, autonomous GPS guided recovery and HD video

j-m-hopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 03/06/2016 at 03:140 Comments

Time goes by fast... Next week is this month's club launch and I have a lot to do. This month's launch will have 2 static tests, and 2 rocket launches if all goes well.

Static test - 5/16" throat 4 grain 38mm H-250 test - focusing on testing of new grain separation construction technique and obtain thrust curve of this new motor via my new 70cm Serial to WiFi Bridge hardware.

Launch of H-250 - Focusing on motor performance under flight conditions, confirming techniques demonstrated in the static test. I'll be using a smaller rocket with single deploy to ease the electronics package to small size.

Static test - 7/16" throat 6 grain I-550, focusing on obtaining thrust curve and confirming construction techniques used with new grain separation paradigm.

Launch of I-550 - Demonstrating at altitude RF communication and motor performance.

All in all it will be a packed day.

This i still need to do before next weekend:

  1. Cast fuel - 38mm, .652" bore - 8x2.75", 10x2.5", 2x4" grains
  2. Finish small rocket (Wood fill, sand, and paint)
  3. Finish large rocket lower half (top half and AV bay are from last flight's CATO)
  4. Prep and pack

The fuel is the difficult part, the rocket body work still time consuming. Luckily I have 4 nozzles complete and just need to compete the fuel.

Here's a picture of the small rocket getting finished:

Stay tuned for more updates as next week's launch date comes closer! And please don't hesitate to ask questions about any of this project.