EX-004 Launch and Recovery

A project log for High Power Experimental Rocket Platform

Experimental high power rocket with active stabilization, live telemetry, autonomous GPS guided recovery and HD video

j-m-hopkinsJ. M. Hopkins 03/12/2016 at 20:193 Comments

The EX-004 was flown on an H-250 3 grain motor utilizing PNCP#6 to an altitude of 1,672 feet.

Regrettably due to a gunky launch rail it took nearly .3 seconds on the pad before going to the sky.

Recovery was complete a short while later.

The motor successfully fired without issue, showing experimental evidence to the new grain separation methodology.

Here you can see the ground station assembled, with option for the SDR dongle for spectrum viewing.

I hope to have a video shortly...


Mike Maluk wrote 03/12/2016 at 20:38 point

Looks great! Have you thought about alternatives to the typical launch rail? For my current ground station I'm looking at a three rail setup that holds the rocket in the center. (three rails for three fins, four for four) 

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J. M. Hopkins wrote 03/12/2016 at 20:55 point

The club I launch at usually has pretty decent rails, but when I loaded the rocket on this one I felt it was a bit gunky. I should have moved to another pad (we have nearly 30 total), but I thought it'd be fine.

If I was going for pure high altitude, a tower launch pad would indeed be my choice, but for the most part buttons and rails are working for me.
Today's motor performance shows promise with the new grain separation technique, and I'll scale it up to the payload launching motor (I-500) do I can finally start doing my controlled descent tests.
And thank you for the comment/interest.

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Mike Maluk wrote 03/12/2016 at 20:57 point

Ah, understood. I'm just trying to avoid the launch lug/button all together. 

It's hard not to be interested! I've been learning a ton just following you and the Nakka Rocketry blog. It's been a blast trying to apply this newfound knowledge!

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