Oro the SMS alarm temperature watchdog

SMS sending Arduino temperature watchdog

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Since we found an issue with the AC in our server/network room, I decided to build a temperature watchdog to get an alarm if the AC should fail.

Some dog owners in the office told me this could be the perfect gadget, if you had to leave the dog inside the car.

For the dog owners application, I built all the parts into a small enclosure to be portable.

The enclosure has one fixed USB cable and an opening for the Arduino USB calbe, the temperature sensor cut out, a 2000uF Capacitor (since the SIM900 has some current peaks I needed to buffer) and a Powerbank to with two outputs (on with 2.1A output for the SIM900).

  • 1 × Arduino UNO
  • 1 × DHT22/AM2302 temperature & humidity sensor
  • 1 × SIM900 GPRS/GSM Board Quad-Band Module
  • 1 × XTPower® XT-10000 Powerbank or CMX Powerbank (13000mAh) Model: EBP 130 runtimes up to 48h

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    Step 1

    I bought the enclosure at my local electrics store and hot glued everything in place.

    The cutout for the temperature/humidity sensor was made with a box cutter.

    The Arduino source code can be downloaded here: Project Oro

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