Quantity   Component name
1 × resonant scanner http://www.eopc.com/sc30.html
2 × Cambridge Tech Galvos found a pair of galvos on eBay from 1981 with an analog driver- hacked the driver- as there was no info on the circuit given its age, and am driving the galvos with an arduino. running through the circuit, but having some difficulty syncing them to the scanner (above component).
2 × Arduino One to sync the galvos to the scanner (rising edge divide to get 60fps). Another to instantly interpret PMT input
1 × Z-Bolt Sapphire 450nm Laser Diode (class IIIa) http://www.z-bolt.com/blue-laser-pointers/blp-5.html
1 × Z-Bolt 532nm Laser Diode (class II) http://shop.z-bolt.com/Class-II-1mW-8-mm-Standard-Dot-Wire-Leads--1-pc_p_45.html
2 × Meanwell 12v Linear Power Supplies Wired to provide +12 and -12 V
1 × Photo Multiplier Tube - Hamamatsu R1166-10 http://www.hamamatsu.com/us/en/R1166.html (off ebay for 17 dollars)
1 × Wallac PMT Driver off ebay 30 dollars
1 × PMT Power Transformer +12/-12 VDC to -1000VDC @ 4ma