About My Bins Driver.

If you don't have foot path front of your house , My bins driver will work perfectly for you . specially if your front yard is not suitable for you to roll the bins on it or if you got elderly parents that you may have to go to their house and roll the bins out for them , because elderly people they can fill the bins, beg by beg but it will be too heavy for them to roll the bins out by themselves. How many times you forgot to take Your own rubbishbins out on the day before and you run outside in the morning in your pyjamas, when you hear the truck coming closer to your house.

We are livingin 21st centaury and everything is getting automated to make life easier . May not everyone lucky enough to own this system yet , but maybe this is start of the next generation revolution and slowly things should change to suit our lifestyle .

My bins driver has 4 Aluminium unites, 3 combined together and fourth control box attached to the house wall . 1 is the driver unite which drives the system forward and back on truck with wheels . 2 is rectangular swivel platform where the rubbish and recycle bins stands on it . 3 is the control box attached the swivel rectangular platform . My Bins Driver located on the opposite side of the driveway and they are facing the driveway and the front door for easy access where my Rubbish bin and recycle bin ( or green bin altered ) stands on it side by side.

My Bins Driver Programed Job Description.

1- To notify us with the recorded voice alert , 5 minutes prior to starting to take the bins out . repeating the alert for 1 minute for us to take the last bag of the rubbish and recycle from inside the house to the bins outside

2- Take the bins out every Monday night 52 times a year. regardless where we are , home or on the other side of the world.

3- Notify us again Tuesday night at 6pm with the voice alert before bringing the bins in so we can check if the bins are on before it moves . But during the day as soon as the last bin being emptied and put back properly they automatically will be back anyway but we can check if my bins driver came back with the bins.

4- Take the bins back home every Tuesday night , 52 times a year regardless where we are

Automatic Operations.

The day before they will picked up ,on Monday 8 o'clock at night just after dinner is done ,My Bins Driver from outside, activates the inside voice alert unite , saying " attention.... attention.. the bins are about to travel to their destination in five minutes ... thank you " this repeats one minute for us to make sure we hear it and take the last remaining rubbish and the recycles from inside bins to outside bins.

My bins driver equipped with the Beeper and Flashing lights ( red and blue located under and on top of Swivel platform ) , which their activated after five minutes of the voice alert for 10 seconds ( to warn people around ) than they start to travel very slowly to their destination automatically .70 second later about middle of the destination rectangular swivel platform start to turn clockwise 1 quarter to face the bins to street while travelling to their destination , which is near the curb ready to be picked up the next day,regardless we are home or on the other side of town the world.

Tuesday morning because the system equipped with 2 sensors ( located in control box 3 facing behind the bins) for each bins to sense the bins been picked up and been put back . as soon as the second bin is emptied and put back , their automatically start beeping and flashing the lights for 10 minutes (to alert people close by) and their start to go back to their destination. 70 second later again the rectangular swivel platform this time turns 1 quarter anticlockwise to face the bins to our house for easy excess which is their home position near the house and Is ready for the next cycle .

Manual Operations Controls

1- RFand Wi-Fi remotes.

For any reason , when we missed the bins on Monday night and they went out without us emptying the rubbish...

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