Network of intelligent semaphores with microcontrollers, radio frequency, IoT, sensors, to improve the mop of cars and to diminish the air pollution, as well as saving of electrical energy.

Network of intelligent devices for optical signalling controllers of traffic, By means of microcontrollers there will be had absolute control of the functioning of the semaphore, it will be provided with inductive sensors to verify the flow of vehicles, sensors of presence for the pedestrian crossing, sonic sensors to improve the traffic to emergency vehicles, all of them connected in network using modules of radio frequency, using minicomputers as head office connected to Internet, being provided also with cameras to photograph or to
film offenders of transit.

The idea is to improve the flow of automobiles to diminish the time of waiting in semaphores and this way to diminish considerably the emesion of air contaminates, also it will be important that the system is provided with its own system of energy be already for solar panels or wind generators, for to help to consume less electrical energy.

It will be necessary to take in account the importance of the safety in the etwork, since the systems wireless and in general the devices IoT are vulnerable to the sabotage, moreover when they are systems of public use and they are in general routes of communication.