So far I have focused on the development of domestic renewable energy generation equipment that is currently considered by most to be uneconomic due to it's high capital cost and lengthy payback periods. Now that most government subsidies have been removed, a solution such as this is required to dramatically reduce costs.

I am keen to find collaborators and investors who are keen to bring this solution to market. As this solution creates packaging of value customers, it is envisaged that consumers would be interested in paying a reasonable premium for it if it can reduce their ongoing costs of living.

My efforts developing and knowledge sharing the project are as follows:

(1) Design including physical, material and ergonomic design of the following:

(a) New packaging designs that enable jointing and offer increased strength to meet the needs of the products that they will form a part of.

(b) a one-way-sail wind turbine. In addition to the usual high speed vertical axis wind turbines, a lower speed, higher torque (one way sail) design was conceived which was suited to the structural properties of the packaging components.

(c) an evacuated solar tube complete with evaporating tube for optimal (phase chage) heat transfer.

(2) Build of:

(a) Mast, booms and blades of the wind turbine using various combinations of PET bottles.

(b) Various jointing and sealing methods tried included strong adhesive tape, hot melt glue (high and low temperature), 3D printing of both bottles and jointing pieces, gaskets made out of different materials, but it was not possible to achieve a high pressure joint. Precision injection moulding is required.

(c) An evacuated thermal solar tube and internal evaporation core. Some success was achieved using specially shaped PET bottles and aluminium drinks cans.