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Hackaday version of ToolZ

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Hackaday special version of ToolZ software.

ToolZ is Hack Tool, it is hacked together thing, very beta, very useful, very Hacked.


  1. JTAG chain scan: ToolZ will show the user EEPROM coded ID for many FTDI dongles, and then try to make JTAG scan.
  2. FPGA Configuration, 6 and 7 series
  3. SPI Flash indirect programming
  4. Built in TCL 8.6
  5. Boundary scan, can invoke from TCL scripts

This is maybe not much but it has helped me many many times, last example is #Secure microSD Vault - Xilinx Vivado refused to flash the Micron SPI Flash, ToolZ did not complain just worked.. and so on..

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