• The Golden Rules of Electronics

    6 days ago 0 comments

    Through the years I have identified recurring rules that underly most of my "bugs", "failures", "mishaps" and other blunders.

    Rule 1 : If you connect it to the power supply, it works better.


    Rule 2  If you connect it with the right polarity, it works even better.

    You could argue "it goes without saying" but it goes better when you say it ;-)

    Please comment and contribute with your own "golden rules" :-D

  • Raspberry Pi is NOT Open Hardware.

    01/14/2021 at 21:36 0 comments

    Just a friendly reminder.

  • Hysteresis

    12/23/2020 at 01:35 1 comment

    Playing with Fasltad's circuitjs to create a slightly better hysteresis circuit than the default circuit. It's crazy because changing any value affects the rest of the circuit.

    The main difference is the feedback resistor, and a better choice of resistor values.

    I tried to reduce the current draw and increase the hysteresis, which keeping convenient resistor values and decent logic levels (at least the low level is < Vbe at 3.3V).

    That's if for today :-)