Micro Bedside Clock

Using the HP bubble displays, a small, unobtrusive bedside clock, with day, date, seconds and (eventually) ambient light detection.

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Using the DoubleBubbleBackpack from (purchased on Tindie)
Features include:
-dimming at 10pm and brightening at 7am (no auto-brightness control as yet)
-display of time in 24hr format
-display of day switching every 10 seconds with display of date
-counting seconds on the decimal points (from 4 to 64)
-animation on minute change
-felt feet
-magneticly secured enclosure allowing for easy maintenance (and no hinges)


early test of features:

Its still a bit bright at night, so will look into dimming the display beyond brightness level 0

  • Build

    David Hopkins09/03/2015 at 09:34 0 comments

    Bits arrived, the project happened :-)

    Boxes were bought from the Range, I think they are meant for découpage or something but work well as little wooden project boxes it seems.

    remove hinges:

    Also, add extra magnets in addition to the 'clasp' magnet.

    Cut hole for Arduino Nano to poke through (Power and programming):

    A bit messy but the wood is softer than I thought, will be filled with something (probably hot-melt glue) and will be unseen.

    Filled with glue making it flush:

    Measure twice, and cut hole for bubble display:

    Mount and solder the bits. including plug for front which allows the thing to separate into 2 parts, making it easier to work on just one bit.

    The 6th wire (clear) is in place for future use with a light sensor, but it dims itself at 10pm and brightens at 7am so its not a problem at the moment.


    I wish the camera would focus on LED's properly, but hey ho.

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David Hopkins wrote 08/27/2015 at 14:29 point

Ah yes, I remember seeing that in HaD, a very nice build, and I also, have had bad experiences with the DS1307 (when building, cheaper but pretty useless as it does not have temperature compensation.

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