Quantity   Component name
1 × Jabra Bluetooth earplug. Model BT2040 The model number is from the circuit board. It's pretty small, the speaker and mike are both soldered on and it's powered by one AAA battery. The switch is also pretty conveniently placed for close by smacking the badge.
1 × 3D printed shell We started with a shell from Thingiverse and removed material from the back to allow us to mount the hardware.
1 × speaker P/N tbd
1 × PN2222 transistor for the speaker amplifier
1 × 100 ohm resistor for the speaker amplifier
1 × standard 8 ohm speaker for the speaker amplifier. Rescued from an old PC
1 × heat shrink tubing for the speaker amplifier
1 × Testor Enamel Paint, Metallic Gold http://www.testors.com/products/137212
1 × Testor Enamel Paint, Metallic Silver http://www.testors.com/products/137214
1 × Amplifier circuit for speaker No way you'll be able to hear an in ear speaker on your lapel or chest so we'll have to boost the signal. This part is an assembly with details to follow.