Custom LED Grow Lights for HydroPWNics

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Cheap DC powered LED Grow Light design, using off the shelf components and hardware store building supplies

AVRAVR 09/13/2015 at 06:430 Comments

I am building custom LED grow lights that will be powered of cheap switching PSUs, the standard LED power supply you find on ebay. This endeavor is motivated by the need for cost effective AC/DC powered grow lights for the HydroPWNics project ( LEDs are 5050 variety mounted on strip, they are two red wavelengths and one blue wavelength (forgot at the time of posting), between this combination the plants should get all they need. I also got some 5050 purple LEDs too to mix in for more wavelength variety. The lights are a simple plywood design, three cental boards cut with 60 degree bevels glued together to form a half hexagon shape. Ends will be made from ply wood ans well and the whole assembly will be glued and screwed together. The inside will be plated in tin foil mounted using spray mount glue. The electronics for driving/switching the strips wil be mounted on the outside one end of the light. So far I started building one light, I havent decided 100% on how they are gonna work/be controlled, the tentative idea is using a DyIO and the 8 channel relay board you can get off ebay to individually switch strips on an off , allowing for changing light coor temp configurations or cutting power down to save on energy costs. I might just wire them all in parallel and just power them straight, not sure yet. Anyways I took some pictures of what I'm working with:

Boards Cut for custom grow light, half inch think birch plywood.

laying out the LEDs on the board with the relay board and DyIO module

Up close shot of controller electronics

Stay tuned for more!!!