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    Build and run

    1. Have Sming Framwork installed

    1. Open project in vscode and use following build recepies
    • make - build project
    • attach serial - attach serial to configured port
    • make flash - build, flash to device via Serial and attach terminal to it
    • make flashinit - run once when using new esp8266 mcu

    3. Adjust settings in Makefile-user.mk if necessary

  • 2
    Enter Flash mode

    To flash device using my pcb

    1. Press FLASH and RESET
    2. Release RESET, then release FLASH - device ready to flash

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    Edit front-end directly in IDE

    To debug web-interface directly in IDE (no need to upload each change to mcu)

    1. run ./debug-httpd.sh (need to have docker installed)
    2. Find this line
    var NODE_IP = "";

    and change to your device IP

    3. Go to http://localhost:8080, when started from localhost it will connect to ws://NODE_IP (device itself should be online providing backend)