N1KDO "naught" timer

ID timer for amateur radio. Does not actually get you on the "naught", but does indicate that you need to ID every 10 minutes

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Push the button with a short press to start the timer. The Green LED lights. After 9 minutes, the Red LED starts flashing slowly. After 9 minutes, 45 seconds, the red LED starts flashing fast. After 10 minutes, the red LED lights continuously. Press the button with a short press to restart the timer. Hold the button down for 1 second to stop the timer and turn off the green LED. Uses PIC12F675. Contact Jeff for source.
  • 1 × PIC16F675 microcotnroller
  • 1 × 78L05 Power Management ICs / Linear Voltage Regulators and LDO
  • 1 × green LED T1 1/4 LED
  • 1 × red LED T 1 1/4 LED
  • 1 × pushbutton Normally open pushbutton

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