Just a simple, pong game to learn about Teensy and GLCD.

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I bread boarded a little game to start learning about AVR on the Teensy platform. I wired up the GLCD first using an example from the Teensy GLCD page just to get the demo program working. Then I added some LEDs and buttons for game play.

It's a pretty simple interface. You control the "blue" player using the two push buttons. The (simple, ball chaser) AI controls the "red" player.

You press any button to start. When you score the blue segment of the RGB LED flashes brightly to indicate that you've scored. Similarily, the red segment of the RGB LED flashes when the AI scores. The the number of points for the player who scored is indicated using the three small red LEDs. They are illuminated brightly at the same time as the RGB LED is flashing. The score is indicated in binary. So, with three LEDs the game ends with the first player to score their seventh point. The upper LED is wirth 1, the middle is worth 2, and the lower LED is worth 4.

During gameplay, the score of the player with the highest score is displayed along with the colour of that player. So, if you are winning with 5 points, blue is indicated on the RGB LED and the upper and middle score LEDs are illuminated. To prevent distraction, PWM is used to dim the LEDs during game play.

Once either player has won, the winning players colour is illuminated for some seconds while an appropriate message is displayed on the screen. Also, the green segment on the RGB LED flashes. The the game is reset to initial conditions and the user presses a button to start game play over again.

  • 1 × Teensy++ 2.0
  • 1 × GLCD

  • Summary

    Petri Varsa10/26/2014 at 14:22 0 comments

    I made this a couple of years ago. Now I am taking it apart to recycle the Teensy++ and the GLCD for another project.

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