Enclosure design

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Volt- and ohmmeter plus calculator on 25x25mm PCB

jaromir.sukubajaromir.sukuba 12/16/2015 at 10:260 Comments

While firmware is taking the final shape, hardware is still nothing but barebone PCB.

I started my favorite mechanical CAD Freecad and designed rough PCB model

and used it to design enclosure

exported into slic3r

printed via pronterface

and my old crappy printer

and here is "not that great" result

Trying to fit the PCB inside:

Almost there. Hole for joystick a bit off, LCD windows is way too big, printing brim is not completely removed, but I'm on a good track. Oh yes, this time I'm designing the enclosure for threaded inserts for metric bolts instead of using self-drilling screws

I'm working on a enclosure design update. New firmware, as well as mechanical design files are being uploaded to github repository.