The Haunted Fish Tank

See ghost fishes, pirates and Seemonsters

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I want to present my Haunted Fish Tank. It is based on the Peppers Ghost effect. The Glass inside the box is reflecting the Screen from the upper part and the animals and other stuff seem to float in the air. Like Ghostfishes.

It's verry difficult to capture the effect on video.

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    Step 1
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    Step 2

    I used 6mm MDF wood panels, and glued and screwed them together.
    The cover has 4 big holes, for aeration.

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    Step 3

    First, I painted the inside of the box black

    On the outside I glued half wooden balls to make it look like rivets.

    With wooden spatula I made the surface rougher. I used wood glue to write the text on the front. Now let it dry for min. 24 hours. Then I painted the outside black and again I had to wait for 12 hours.

    I used copper color and a soft cloth to make it look like an old box made of copper. In the aeration holes I glued fly screen pieces.

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