K-9 robotic pet

autonomous robotic pet modeled after K-9 from Doctor Who

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Using an XMOS startKIT as the "brain"(I'd be open to using an Arduino, or a Raspberry Pi, but what I have is a startKIT), I'm going to build a replica of K-9 from Doctor Who(MkI or MkII, not the "suped up" thing they did for that Austrailian kid's show). Progress will be slow due to current lack of money and other supplies. I am fully open to any advice on design, or where to get needed parts cheap.

Features I'd like to include:
Voice Recognition(simple commands)
Voice Response(If I CAN I'll have it mimic John Leeson, the original voice of K-9)
ability to avoid objects(I don't want it to be remote control)
self charging(either via homing in on it's charging station, or solar panels?)

whatever else I can fit in it

XMOS startKIT for the processor

drive motors
wheel base(18"x30")
  • 1 × XMOS startKIT

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Haydn wrote 06/05/2015 at 12:42 point

plans to build K9 are available here: 

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Uldrennomi wrote 04/16/2014 at 22:53 point
there is a remote controlled k9 toy that is perfect for hacking hit ebay you will prob find one

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