Steer Part 2

A project log for Real Scania Truck Home Simulator

The Scrapyard and Arduino make a great combination!

jeroen-van-der-veldenJeroen van der Velden 09/03/2016 at 18:550 Comments

Hi folks!

Now Mr. Blom has made some beautiful pieces for our Scania Steering Wheel we have started working on the Steering Again.

If you have read my old Steer Part 1 you have noticed that we started all over. We warn`t satisfied with our results so I have spoken to our new sponsor and he made me a disc that fits over our Logitech Drivingforce Pro wheel.

This is the result:

The Steering Shaft in the picture is a BMW Steering Shaft, very lightweight and cheap on Ebay and perfect for our simulator. The disc is quite heavy weight but its perfectly tune-able for our sim and if it causes trouble we will cut some slices pizza out of it.

Mr. Blom is now working on the top part of the steering shaft and a bracket to hold it all into place. Keep following for more updates!