• Parts order, part 1

    GuyisIT07/06/2014 at 06:04 0 comments

    Let me start off by saying, thanks ebay! I just ordered a battery holder (3x AA holder, 4.5v) and a couple different sized smallish solar cells. The batteries I'm working with are calling out for something to keep them in line more than electrical tape, and the larger solar panel is a stated project goal. I hope to get everything in before the end of the month, and at which point I'll snap more photos and do a more detailed log entry.

  • Battery swap - part 1

    GuyisIT04/18/2014 at 17:19 0 comments

    So it ends up two of the four batteries I got are dead. Thankfully, I have plenty of enloop batteries around to test. I wired up three to get my 3.6v (4.2v technically, but that will drop as they discharge), and the radio seems to work just fine. I do need to devise a better holder system for the batteries, as taping them together has been flaky at best.

    I hope next week to have something better in place for the batteries so I can test the charging of them via the radio. I should also have done a little bit better testing of the solar cell so I can see what kind of voltage I need with the new cell (I'm guessing ~4.5v- 5v.)