YES more modern CPLD board!

A project log for Very simple CPLD trainer

Very simple CPLD prototyping board, where .svf can be uploaded through USB! Total cost ($4) is comparable with Rasp Zero

kodera2tkodera2t 12/18/2015 at 12:550 Comments

I completely know and understood XC9536 (without XL) is obsolete long time ago (in dog year). I explained why I used XC9536 is just I ordered too much ones for 68008 completion. Some wise people pointed out why I use old CPLD (may be my explanation was not understandable English) and this time,

I ordered at digikey for just one XC95144XL (not ten package for this time) and made much more modern CPLD learning board! YES, IT IS 3.3 V!!

Not only availability problem and voltage problem, XC95144 naturally can handle 4-times couplex circuit than 9536. Indeed I already implement 4-bit CPU which I introduced in another project and binary downloading works perfectly, as same as previous XC9536 board procedure. !!